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  1. cl191

    SSD? Anyone?

    Anyone using SSDs on their computer? If so, which one?
  2. cl191

    1st time with strobist shots

    After lurking here for a while and getting inspired by all the great photographers we have here, I decided to go out to try my hands with strobist too. 1) It was really windy so I couldn't use the umbrellas to soften the light up, and it even blew my camera and tripod off which broke my ebay...
  3. cl191

    Call of Duty: World at War

    Anyone played that yet? I got my copy this morning and I have to say this is a big disappointment. It only took me like 5 hours to finish it (waaaay too short) and the ending is disappointing. I wish they had just stick with the Pacific Campaign and skip the Battle of Berlin bits which has been...
  4. cl191

    new canon 50d or an used 5d?

    Question for all the experts here, I have been using a rebel xt (350d) for awhile mostly shooting landscape and aviation. Now I am thinking about upgrading, but this kind of bugs me...should I get a new 50d or an used 5d? The used 5d only seems to be like $100-200 more than a new 50d.