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  1. Clegko

    2008 Mazda 3

    I finally found a new car! That poor, poor POS little Honda I had can now cripple its way to the junk yard in peace... Found this puppy at the local Mazda dealer after searching high and low for either a 3 or similar car. Had gone to look at a Subaru Impreza that was promised to me to be "Non...
  2. Clegko

    Anyone Here Have Flash?

    Does anyone here have Flash, and know how to use it? I need a static image that, when clicked on, produces a sound... and I can't figure it out! Could anyone possibly help me out?
  3. Clegko

    Windows XP --> Mac OS X Video/Music Streaming

    I can't seem to get this kind of setup working for the life of me. I have all of my music and movies on my older WinXP machine, and I would like to be able to stream/organize/delete/add to them from my Macbook over my network, similar to how the 360 can do it. I've enabled sharing in WinXP and...
  4. Clegko

    *bleep boop screech* This is a test...

    *EDIT: It would appear that my thumbnail link doesn't work properly. :(
  5. Clegko

    Faults On Other Cars That Really Annoys You.

    I hate blinkers that are overly bright, especially when they are right in front of me. I hate it when mufflers choose to fall off right in front of me on the highway. I hate when I can hear someone's car going BEEP BEEP BEEP at them from across the parking lot.
  6. Clegko

    Oil Quality Suggestions

    Hi guys. Well, my little Honda is due for an oil change, but I am too damned broke to really afford to put the oil that I usually put in it (Castrol High Mileage 10w30 non-synth). So, if I was to use a parts house (Say... Auto Zone or O'Reillys) branded dino-oil of the same weight, would that...
  7. Clegko

    Weird Explorer.exe Problem

    Well, this is quite odd. I have never run across anything like this before, and I have absolutely no idea what is wrong. When I click ANY icon on my desktop, I get this warning message. If I click any link in my start menu that goes to a folder (IE: Computer, Pictures, Music, etc), I get this...
  8. Clegko Hangs Browser.

    Every now and then, when browsing the forums, Firefox will seemingly load the whole thread then about 2-3 mins later, will just blank the screen. It got annoying, so I started looking at the status bar, and it seems that on threads it does that 'Transferring Data from...
  9. Clegko

    1994 Honda Accord

    Welp, figured I could post my car in here for once, instead of just lurking about, and reading about other people's cars. The car is... quite boring, but I love it and it is rather fun to drive, for what it is. Unfortuntantly, I got into a wreck a few days ago, which have ruined it's looks for...
  10. Clegko

    Truck's Toolbox vs Gas Mileage

    Hi all. I've a quick question. The truck i'm currently driving now has a very large and very heavy tool box mounted in the bed. What I got to wondering while driving home was how much would my fuel economy increase by 1) getting rid of the box all together or 2) buying a lighter, plastic one...
  11. Clegko

    Random Timeouts on FG

    Hi, all. Every now and again, when I try to access the site (and the forums, mind), I get random timeouts. For example, everything works great for a bit, then I click a link, and my browser times out. When I refresh, it works fine, but it's getting a bit annoying. I've tried multiple computers...
  12. Clegko

    'Ativa' mp3 Player Frustrations

    So, my mom, being completely idiotic when it comes to anything remotely technological, bought this mp3 player for my sister, as opposed to an iPod nano or a Zune like I suggested. Now, the problem is this. It seems that it is ONLY Windows compatible. I have never come across even an off brand...
  13. Clegko

    Hydraulic Lifter Tapping?

    Hi all. I've got a 94 Honda Accord with a 2.2 I4 engine with VTEC (just kicked in, yo?) and there is a slight tapping coming from under the hood when I first start it up, and when it idles. I've been told that it's one of my hydraulic lifters tapping, and I was wanting to know of some cheap...
  14. Clegko

    Windows is freaking out... apparently...

    So, here's the story. About a month ago, I reformatted my Laptop with a nice, clean install of Windows XP Pro. Totally legit, too. Well, ever sense then, if I let the computer idle for more than about 3 hours (like if i'm at work), the CPU usage spikes to around 95% and just stays there. It...
  15. Clegko

    That one pink car that Richard drove

    I can't seem to recall the name of the car Richard drove, that happened to be pink. I remember Jeremy calling it a scrotum.