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    Vote in a poll to help my brother

    Basically some of my brother's mates are in a band and if they win this poll they gain a spot in a music festival here in scotland, please click here and vote for Ketimine Deco! :D
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    How much do the trio earn?

    Sorry if it's been done but my search wasn't working. :cry: So how much do you reckon JC, Hammond and May earn? Post either evidence of their earnings or estimated guesses please. I reckon they earn maybe around 100k a year? Anyone else? I know they must get paid a nice amount for May to buy a...
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    Film crew

    After watching the "Italian mid-engined supercars for less than a second hand Mondeo" challenge today I couldn't help but notice the film crew in front of the cars. Do they use a black Range Rover with the boot open for the crew to film out of? Because that's what it looked like to me. Random...