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  1. lws1984

    And now, for something completely different. (2003 Subaru Forester)

    Well, after the unfortunate demise of the mighty Leif Erikson (yeah, I name my cars, deal with it), I clearly needed something else to drive. Fuel economy is a nice thing to have, and the Olds got 18 mpg (American). 22, on a good day. So, I went hunting about online and in local dealers, and...
  2. lws1984

    Buying a laptop for college. Recommendations are lovely.

    I'm going to university in the fall, and I'm buying a new laptop. Budget is roughly $2500 or less (hopefully less) Options I'm thinking of right now: ? Lenovo ThinkPad X201 w/ docking station, big-ass monitor ? Lenovo ThinkPad T510 ? HP EliteBook 8540w All of the above are available with an...
  3. lws1984

    Not so much a car as it is a yacht with wheels..

    I learned to drive in a pair of small cars (Saab 9-3, Toyota Matrix) - so what do I do when it's time to buy my own car? Buy a freakin' huge car, that's what. It's a 1995 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight Regency Elite, maroon with maroon leather interior. In a miracle of modern engineering, all the...
  4. lws1984

    I just got my driver's license! Congratulations/threats go here.

    No more learners permit, no more parents in the car (well, actually, mine are ?berparanoid, but beyond that..) General happiness and freedom (kinda) currently reside in my head. The road test was shockingly easy. My family in Norway has it much worse. All I had to do was drive around for a bit...