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  1. Lusitano

    2006 Rampa do Caramulo

    I atended this fine event some a couple of weeks ago and got some spectacular photos, which I will post in the next couple of days. This event is essentially a 2.8 km hillclimb by a fine selection of classic cars, which takes place over a whole weekend. On Saturday, they had one hillclimb with...
  2. Lusitano

    DAKAR 2006

    The famous rally has started!!! My compatriot Carlos is putting on a good performance! :thumbsup: The other Carlos is proving, again, his qualities as well! I also read about Robby Gordon's exquisite maneuver at the podium! :thumbsup: I have been reading up some reports, and I have to...
  3. Lusitano

    Restoration in Europe

    Good morning, mates! As you may know, I will be returning to the mother land in a few months (before the summer for sure). I am really into older cars (pre-early 1990's) and I would like to know the different resources for car restoration in Europe such as specialized shops, junkyards, etc...
  4. Lusitano

    2005 New Egland Grand Prix

    Better late than never, so here are some photos taken by my buddy and I: Fantastic event! :thumbsup: One I got past New York City, it became a beautiful drive up to the track! No seats, so one just sits on the grass...