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    Turbo Mustang - You must see this thing!

    Shot some pictures of my friends Mustang. It is been a long time coming to see this beast all together, shaking the windows off the buildings, scaring elderly people and children! The car was at the local car show (Campbell Ford Show) two weeks a go. Ended up winning best of...
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    Ford Mustang RTR-C [All Carbon Fiber 2010 Mustang]

    Source : More pictures and the article can be found here :
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    101 year-old man buys a new Camaro Now that's awsome.
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    Motorcycle Reservoir Socks - Product Photography

    I've always been interested in shooting products, today I had the chance to shoot some motorcycle reservoir socks for a client. I am very happy the way they turned out, and they look like candy to me! What do you think? For those who are wondering they are reservoir socks for...
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    Want an Audi R8 V10 for $500?

    Don't want to paint that old garage door? Want a new V10 Audi R8 for under $500? Solve both problems in just a few clicks! CLICK ME! CLICK ME! :lol:
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    700+ HP 2001 Mustang GT - 10 second Street Monster

    The Slowmotion Mustang Burnout Video Here is my "modern" muscle car. Definately a blast to drive, and for me it is the ultimate street car/cruiser. Been reliable as hell for the past 3 years of my ownership, and always delivering the pavement punishing power it has :twisted: All in all the...
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    Some people have tennis courts, some have basketball courts, and some...

    Have an ice hockey rink in their backyard. Now that's cool!
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    Do your squats!

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    Price of Gas/Petrol in your region

    Post the current gas/petrol prices in your current city. Use the template below. ----------------------------- Location : Price : ---------------------------- So here it goes, I'll do the honours. Location : Ottawa, Canada Price : 87.2 Cents per Litre
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    Not your average family saloon - Contour SVT

    Took almost the whole summer to put the car together. Although it could have been done faster, I rather do things slowly taking my time and without cutting corners. The car is a 1999 Ford Contour SVT. For people from Europe who probably haven't heard of this car, it is basically the North...
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    No 56k: Audi TT Photoshoot

    Nicest TT in town, lots of little details which makes it so beautiful. Enough talking, enjoy the pictures! :mouse:
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    My new photography website

    I just put up my personal portfolio website up, I tried to keep the pictures onthe site to a minimum, just to be able to give an idea of the work I do for the sake of keeping it simple. Let me know what you guys think. Cheers, Mani
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    It is official! Subaru has left WRC! I wasn't fan of the team at all, but this makes me sad because one more manufacturor has pulled out of the WRC!
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    Yamaha R6 50th Anniversary - 1 Shot -

    Shot this picture at the beginning of summer, I think it turned out quite nice. Hope you like it.
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    Shot of my car from the track (Got chassis flex???)

    Ran a 10.30 @ 131 on my frist run that day, on a moderate launch. :cool: