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  1. Emarline

    Share your recipes!

    Prompted by discussion in IRC, decided there should be a thread for FGers to share their family recipes! I'll start with my family chili (with beans, I know) recipe: 1-2 onions, diced 2-3lbs ground beef 2 (15oz) cans Manwich sauce 2 (15oz) cans Italian stewed tomatoes 2 (15oz) jars Salsa (I use...
  2. Emarline

    Economist: Nitrogen may be the end of electric cars
  3. Emarline

    Moving to London... Tips?

    As I'm moving to London (for the academic year) in about a week to study economics at City University, I was wondering if any of the UKanians of the board had any tips for what to pack/buy for the move. I know the obvious, like the fact it's a bit wet, but what about what stores/restaurants to...
  4. Emarline

    No 56k: Cruise to the Green

    So every summer, there are a few meetings on the town green of the local classic car club, and pretty much anyone is invited to attend, bring their own car, etc. I attended this evening with my camera, and as there are ~200 shots, I'll be posting them in batches of 50 or so as I edit and...
  5. Emarline

    How tall are you?

    I'm curious how short/tall we all are, or if there are any trends in height among the car geek world. :P I'm 5'1"/155cm.