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    URGENT HELP - What Lens and Flash are used in these photos?

    Hello everyone. I was wondering if anyone could give me an approximate guess of what lens and what type of flash were used in the photos on this website: I wanted to take similar pictures and assuming it's a Canon camera and is...
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    Simple request to retouch this photo

    close this topic please
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    Need a drink recipe

    I need to ask you people something about drinks. I'm currently writing an essay and I want to start it off with a drink analogy to a school's diversity and how it all comes down together. Can anyone suggest me a cocktail/drink that has one heavy ingredient and one soft ingredient that makes the...
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    An amateur's quest

    I have loved photography because I gain a sense of fulfillment?beyond the aesthetic satisfaction derived from a picture; it leaves a story I can tell, something representative of the human condition, something I can bequeath my audience and myself forever. I?ve been an amateur photographer all...
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    Photoshop this!

    Bought Transformers DVD yesterday and I took a few screens. This is a free experiment. Feel free to edit this however you want!
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    Making a profile Picture. Need a bit of help! Please come in :)

    What I need you guys (or any of you) is to add this simple Chinese character on my cheek. If you can find any better representations of the Chinese character or feel like you can edit my profile picture (like using different colors or whatever), please feel free to add it! Here are the...
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    Strange Sound problem

    Recently I have encountered a very strange problem with my computer. Sounds from the Windows OS or sounds from videos such as work. However, what is strange is that the videos and mp3s on my laptop don't seem to have any sound. Whenever I open songs on winamp and itunes, but they...