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  1. bone

    S5000 vs Formula5000

    i've been following the S5000 rollout from a distant...but i'm disappointed by the cars, they look way to bulbous, especially the nose... but i remember seeing one for the first time and thinking it looked awesome! so i went to google, and found this article...
  2. bone

    VW to electrify bugs/T1/356

    you'll be able to buy a vintage beetle etc with the drivetrain of an e-UP...
  3. bone

    Police Shut Down Workshop Making Fake Ferraris And Lamborghinis what the hell? how did they expect to stay under the radar? funny they're caught after someone complained about the delivery taking too long! :D looks well done though!
  4. bone

    Aston Martin Valkyrie

    i searched...there isn't a single thread about this car yet???????? how is that possible? such a bonkers machine!
  5. bone

    2019 Formula E season

    anyone watching? the first 2 races were awesome! and d'ambrosio won one of them! that was unexpected :) stoffel is nowhere though... (but neither is massa)
  6. bone

    2019 F1 Season thread

    forums are back, would we be able to get the F1 section back on track as well? during the downtime Arrivibene was replaced by Binotto...any thoughts on that? i think it's a dumb move. ever since Arrivibene was on the pitwall, ferrari improved year by year Binotto also seems like very capable...
  7. bone

    Kubica is back!!!

    hel'll be racing for williams in 2019 i hope he does well and can stay on for a few years!
  8. bone

    Ghosn arrested

    Carlos Ghosn has been arrested in yapan for underreporting his income, and has been sacked as the renault/nissan/mistubishi-alliance CEO why? he isn't yapanese, is he? and doesn't live there either? why do they...
  9. bone

    Bugatti/Tesla Type 159sc

    So I came across this pic today A little search tells me this is a 1935 Bugatti/Tesla 159sc, but this is clearly a model... ...bit Google doesn't show much more info... Is this something real? Someone was actually trying this? Or is this just some fun by the diarama maker?
  10. bone

    WEC Super Season

    porsche and audi pulling out of WEC might turn out to be a golden move for the series. none of the privateers felt like competing with the big manufacturers so stayed in lmp2. but now G-drive and Manor already announced they will switch to lmp1 for the super season and ginetta is tought to have...
  11. bone

    RSS reader

    i'm looking for a new RSS reader that works in chrome right now i'm using feedly, and while i've always been happy with it, a while ago they updated their rendering engine, and you can no longer choose to open a page in-line, or in a dedicated tab, so the sites you configured before to open in...
  12. bone

    2017 British Grand Prix wot? they simply knotted the broken wheel tether back together and then refuse to replace it?? (mpicco, no idea where you find those posters, but you'll have to post one here as well! ;))
  13. bone

    Alonso's Indy Adventure

    testing is live atm! he hasn't crashed yet :p
  14. bone

    Share files over internet

    you know those torrent trackers where you need to maintain a ratio? well, i'm connect to one, and to keep my ratio up, i have to keep seeding the torrents but most of the time i'm at my gf's home, and she doesn't have that much upload, so i can't seed them there so i have my pc at home running...
  15. bone

    2017 Australian GP

    so, first 2 practice session finished. hamilton on top, with vettel second, albeit 0.5s behind not sure how to react... "yes, ferrari got within half a second, we've got a battle on our hand" or "shit, still half a second, ham will romp off again"
  16. bone

    2017 Formula 1 Season Thread

    Silly season has passed...time to have a propper thread! although... F1 to consider DRS changes after Chinese GP :woot: untill you read the article...they're thinking of increasing DRS??? :?
  17. bone

    there are too many points to be gained

    If Brasil showed one thing, it's not that it's impossible to overtake, but they're all so frightened to bin the car and score 0 points, they become paralised dummies, whose only job is to keep the car between the lines right now, most teams/drivers running in the midfield, hope the drivers in...
  18. bone

    2016 Brasilian Gp

    C'mon Brasil, deliver!! The weather already did [emoji16] A pity they'll start behind the safetycar though... Sent from my MotoG3 using Tapatalk
  19. bone

    Audi to leave WEC at the end of 2016 :(
  20. bone

    The Arduino Thread

    everyone seems to be into lego, and i don't want to hijack that thread, but i was wondering if anyone here is also playing with arduino? a while ago i bought a 4WD car frame to go loose on...