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  1. Phila

    New request!

    If anyone is bored and willing to help me out, this is what I'm looking for: I would like this street sign (whether you edit this picture or come up with a design of your own) with the following changes: Change 'SOUTH' to 'NEWT BREWING' Change the smaller 'ST' to 'CO' Change the '500'...
  2. Phila


    Here in Philadelphia we are already getting real strong wind gusts. People who haven't yet taken their outdoor things inside are being knocked down and blown around already. The entire Jersey shore is under mandatory evacuations today as well. Worst should hit us tomorrow. We'll see. Good luck...
  3. Phila

    Which format of video is used on this site? It used to be all flash video and therefore much easier to "work with." Now that they've changed the videos, using the Safari activity monitor no longer works in obtaining the video.
  4. Phila

    Best Travel Coffee Thermos/Tumbler?

    I finally started making my own coffee in the morning, instead of buying it somewhere. I want a high quality travel thermos that is leak proof. I am looking for something like this: link I would buy that one but the reviews stating the rubber seals wear out worries me for the price of the...
  5. Phila

    Concept: Subaru Impreza Concept: yes please

    More pictures via Autoblog I really hope this is the new design language for Subaru's sedans. I swore after the 2010 Legacy came out I would never buy another, but if the next generation looks close to this, I'll be buying Legacy #3 :)
  6. Phila

    Google Chrome crashes, a lot (OS X)

    About 1 out of every 3 times Chrome crashes immediately after being opened. The OS X dialog box pops up first saying Chrome has crashed then the Chrome kill page box pops up. I have uninstalled Chrome and deleted everything in the Library and reinstalled but that didn't help. I also tried...
  7. Phila

    Shirt and tie recommendations

    I have three weddings to go to all in the next 5 weeks and I have no shirt and tie to wear with my suit. I am wearing a plain black suit (no pinstripes or anything special). Any nice color combinations that go well with a black suit would be greatly appreciated. +rep for everyone! :D btw for...
  8. Phila

    What did you think of Series 17?

    If you watched the entire 17th series (all 10 episodes) of Fifth gear, what did you think of the direction they have gone in? These seem to be the most common comments throughout the series: 30 minutes is not long enough They need to get rid of/not mention at all the competition prize They...
  9. Phila

    Normal German online ordering procedure?

    Inspired by the Beer thread in the food section, there was a picture posted of a beer in the exact same glass that I had drank out of while I was in Germany. I found the brewer's website (Engel) and found their shop which included the glass I had used before. I filled out all my information and...
  10. Phila

    SHO Superleggera!!

    SHO powered Mercury Sable AIV (Aluminum Intensive-Vehicle) Autoblog
  11. Phila

    New request: removing a small item

    I have a picture where I want a small item removed. Its nothing illegal, but I don't want to get the forum in trouble with anyone in any way so please reply here if you're interested and I will PM you. Thanks! *May no longer be needed due to Final Gear member awesomeness.
  12. Phila

    Keeping a car these days

    Has anyone given any thought to buying a new car now and keeping it for at least 10 years? I've always wanted to buy a nice new car all spec'd out with a huge V8 and drive it every now and then to keep it in pristine condition for as long as I can. That would be great but, are we really able to...
  13. Phila

    Fifth Gear countdown?

    Now that we have official word that Fifth Gear will be back in may, why not include it again in the Countdown section at the top of the main site?
  14. Phila

    Unimportant Request

    After reading 3 different reviews (from Top Gear, Car & Driver, and Automobile) of the 458 Italia I realized what my absolute perfect car would be: it would have the front end of the 360 the body of the 458 and the rear end of the 430 If you're bored, what I would like is for you to...
  15. Phila

    NBC Late Night woes

    Long story short, this is what has happened: Jay Leno wanted to retire from the Tonight Show Conan O'Brien was named Leno's replacement Leno, shortly before his retirement date, decided he didn't want to leave so NBC decided to give him his own show at 10pm on weeknights. Leno's show was...
  16. Phila

    New remote/immobilizer problems

    I bought a new all-in-one remote/key for my Legacy and finally had a chance to program it into the car today. I followed all the steps and got all the right confirmation beeps from the car, plus it locks, unlocks, and opens the trunk with no problems. However, when I try to start the car it...
  17. Phila

    the Legacy continues

    I got myself a nice birthday present and bought a 2008 Subaru Legacy today. These are dealer pics, I'll take ones myself when its not 10 p.m. and pouring outside. Most of you know I already have a 1995 Legacy which I absolutely love (and still own). This is just a new and improved version for...
  18. Phila

    Leased Vehicle history report

    I found a car I'm interested in through a dealer's website, I also found they have the car on ebay as well. I looked through the ebay ad and found the give a vehicle history report. It shows a few renewals of the lease: What I want to know is, is that normal for a leased car? Or am I right in...
  19. Phila

    New mouse time!

    I can't stand my Mighty Mouse any more and the new Apple Magic Mouse is a complete piece of shit. Here is what I'm looking for: Bluetooth A button to program to activate Expose something comfortable I think I would be happy with the Logitech Performance MX but I really can't justify spending...
  20. Phila

    Buying a brand new car with cash, advantage?

    When buying a brand new car, is there really an advantage to paying with cash? Lets say for example a particular car costs $30,000. If you were to walk into the dealer and say I'll give you [reasonable offer below $30,000], is the dealer more likely to take the offer than if you were financing...