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  1. Lexy

    Clarkson and TG - BAFTA nominations

    Clarkson and Top Gear are both nominated for BAFTAS this year... Entertainment Performance JEREMY CLARKSON - Top Gear (BBC2) JACK DEE - Jack Dee Live At The Apollo (BBC1) NOEL EDMONDS - Deal or No Deal (Channel 4) JONATHAN ROSS - Friday Night With Jonathan Ross (BBC1) Features THE APPRENTICE -...
  2. Lexy

    Australian members - Jeremy Clarkson's Hot 100 Cars cheap :D
  3. Lexy

    Australian members - Jeremy Clarkson's Hot 100 Cars cheap

    For anyone interested in Sydney, it's in the city Myer (about 10 copies). And it's 25% off which brings it to a grand total of $9.70. Bargain :D
  4. Lexy

    James & Fusker in Your Cat Magazine

    I'm a tad concerned there is a magazine called "Your Cat". I can't imagine it would be more than 10 pages each month. How much can you write about cats? :lol: Thanks for the article though! I maintain that he needs a slight haircut :?
  5. Lexy

    December 19th, 2004

    This has been bugging me for a long time - what does James say (silent mouthing, of course) after Jeremy says he loves the coasters because he's vulgar and proud of it. It's around 19:37. I've watched it over and over and can't work out what he's saying... anyone else notice and care to...
  6. Lexy

    How tall art thou?

  7. Lexy

    Hammond: BBC1's Should I Worry About Drinking

    Haha nice! People used to call me that - very embarrassing :shock: I forgive you jarborra. Flashing midriff isn't my style! :)
  8. Lexy

    Hammond: BBC1's Should I Worry About Drinking

    Which bloke? :lol: Yeah, based on my name, not on Lexus love (Or Lexi love? Whatever the plural is, it must be just Lexus). Sydney part of the country, it's huge, can't miss it on the map :D
  9. Lexy

    Hammond: BBC1's Should I Worry About Drinking

    Sorry mate. It seems like there was a torrent about 5 weeks ago but not anymore, they disappear so quickly. I'll keep an eye out for it if it resurfaces. And the funny thing was I even posted in this very thread too :roll: I'm most definitely a girl (even without my special funktastic title...
  10. Lexy

    Hammond: BBC1's Should I Worry About Drinking

    Yeah I'll see what I can find, ask away!
  11. Lexy

    Hammond: BBC1's Should I Worry About Drinking

    Yes I got it from UKNova. In the meantime, for all the Mr May ladies out there (or maybe just E~I then)... I hope that will tide you over before you get your re-torrent of it ;) Also, did I spot Mrs Hammond smoking, or was it just my imagination?
  12. Lexy

    Hammond: BBC1's Should I Worry About Drinking

    ^ As far as I could tell James counted 4 beers (but most likely had more that night) Was it this eye-raising wink thing that caused the spillage? :P Although I don't understand why Thai is an unknown quantity according to James... :lol:
  13. Lexy

    [06x10] July 31st, 2005

    33:31 - 34:36 - Mercury Rev - The Funny Bird (with silence at 34:07 until it starts again)
  14. Lexy

    Are they EVERYWHERE??

    ^ Well there's not much else for him to do - he can't exactly scream and run out of the room yelling "fangirls" now, can he? ;) It's part of the territory I'd imagine (especially as he's in a lot more shows apart from Top Gear these days). Or maybe he likes it - scary thought. :shock:
  15. Lexy

    [06x09] July 24th, 2005

    19:27 - 21:03 - Four Tet - Everything is Alright Surely the person who pointed out the next song (also Four Tet) should have known this one ;)
  16. Lexy

    [06x08] July 17th, 2005

    This one? 23:09 - 23:39 - Mercury Rev - The Funny Bird
  17. Lexy

    I got an invitation to Top Gear Studio !!

    I should! ;)
  18. Lexy

    credit cards and dinners

    That's why you should pay cash :) Anyway, if you think about it, anywhere you use your credit card there's a chance of the number and details being scammed. It even happens in ATMs, people put a sleeve/skimmer in or over the card slot which either eats the card or takes the details then spits...
  19. Lexy

    If I hear "On that bombshell!" one more time...

    Actually I think it sounds more like he's directing a rowing boat... :whistle:
  20. Lexy

    Your Camera Equipment

    Canon Canonet QL19 & 35mm stock lens Nikon F60 35mm film SLR Nikon 50mm f/1.8 28-200mm Canon Ixus 500 128MB CF Holga 120SF medium format (soon to be 35mm and 120) Best camera ever, learn to love light leaks ruining/beautifying your photos :D