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  1. swraman

    Infiniti or Lexus?

    Hi, My dads lookin at a used Lexus, but I think he should get an Infiniti. It seems like you get more for your money. For ex., these 2: Infiniti Lexus The Infiniti has 4WD (ive seen the same model with 35k miles and RWD for the same price). You get a 260HP 3.5L engine, and the car is newer...
  2. swraman

    Advantages of ABS/

    I have a few questions I have to answer about ABS, and I figure you guys would know better than me :) a) Why does ABS work better than using constant maximum braking pressure? b) how does ABS increase lateral control? c) is it better to have the front or rear wheels lock up first under...
  3. swraman

    What are disadvantages of using Suspension tuning?

    What are disadvantages of using Suspension tuning to adjust the car's balance? Yes this is a homework question....haha. I have that it affects ride quality, i.e.stiff suspensions make for a bumpy ride.
  4. swraman

    Will TG Ever test the CCXR?

    Does anyone know if Top Gear will feature the CCXR in season 13? I cant wait to see it...if/when they ever test it :(
  5. swraman

    Monte Carlo

    In Hethrow Airport: These next few are really badly taken; I was in a taxi van and it was parked outside of a hotel in Monnaco. SLR (couldnt see if it had the McLaren badge on it ): 2 Ferrari's, one on each side of me! A 599 and something else I couldnt tell.: Looks so Out of...
  6. swraman

    French Cars

    Im in france for the first time in my life...wondering about the cars here... The main cars I see here are: Reno Persio (Puegot) Citroen Alfa Romeo BMW Mercs Can someone tell me, which of these cars are considered "desirable" and which arent? In other words, which companies make generally...
  7. swraman

    How popular is Top Gear in the UK?

    among all people - not just people who watch it all the time, how popular is Top Gear compared to other British shows? Is it BBC's most popular show? is it their most "complaint-causing" show? Just wondering Thanks
  8. swraman

    Why TG australia sucks

    its warren. i start watching every episode, but as soon as his lopsided mouth starts moving and words start spilling out of his mouth i just cant go on. hes just annoying in every way.
  9. swraman

    Koenegsseg ccx Lap Time

    idk if this has been discussed yet, but (here in America) I was watching the latest Top Gear on BBCA (which is season 11 ep 1) and I noticed that on the Power Lap board the Koenegsseg CCX w Top Gear Wing's time is gone. It magically reappears in s1E02, and is there again all through Season 12.