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  1. bobo_1314

    Need help identifying car

    Holy crap haven't been posting for ages! I need help identifying a car I saw in the video Deutschland 86:
  2. bobo_1314

    Cosmetic damage: worth fixing?

    I'm going to trade-in my car for a GS350 in a few week's time, and I'm wondering how badly this kind of cosmetic damage will affect the trade-in value. A friend of mine can fix it for around $700 (~$630USD) but that's only to repair and paint the bumper. A better and permanent fix would cost...
  3. bobo_1314

    Low brake pedal

    So, I went to have my car serviced today (1998 Lexus ES300), and I found that the brake pedal is very low when I step on it. The master cylinder and other hardware in the system should be OK since they were all checked, but the advisor did tell me that there was only around 15-20% brakes...
  4. bobo_1314

    Surge protection required for LCD TV's?

    I'm planning to get a new LCD TV in the next few weeks, and some people (and especially the salespeople at the shop) that surge protection is a must for these kinds of televisions; is there some truth to that? I know I'm probably the last person in this forum to get a LCD/plasma TV, so if I...
  5. bobo_1314

    Toyota Camry, 2007 or 2008?

    So I'm going to get a new Camry for my family (I'll be paying, but I don't get to drive it). I went to the dealer today, and the 2007 model is $3000CAD cheaper than the 2008 model. Both car are exactly the same. Which one should I get? And folks, there's no need to give me suggestions on...
  6. bobo_1314

    Need advice on choosing a digital compact camera

    I have no experience with digital cameras (other than my cell phone camera), and I'm planning on getting a compact for work purposes. It's got to be quick with as little shutter lag as possible, a good macro, and preferably 7 megapixels or more. The Sony CyberShot T100 seems to have everything...
  7. bobo_1314

    Need help identifying these BC license plates

    Hey guys, I don't know if I'm posting in the right place, but I saw three of these license plates in the past week, all of them start with the letters "CC" followed by a few numbers. I'm thinking these might be consular plates, but there's already one with the word "consul" on it, so I really...
  8. bobo_1314

    Is this a good deal?

    My friend's friend is selling his 1994 Mercedes S500 sedan. It's in excellent condition (like 90+% new), very few minor scrapes, has only 20,000km, never been in an accident, and well maintained according to the owner's manual (so I guess every 6000km). The guy is selling it for $20,000 CDN...
  9. bobo_1314

    Need help on getting a used Nikon F4

    Hey guys, I need some help and advice on getting a used camera. I'm thinking of getting a Nikon F4, and I saw one at the shop today for $700CDN (453.897 Euro, $605.50 USD). I know that's kind of expensive, although the camera body had only a few scratches on it. Approximately how much does a...
  10. bobo_1314

    Need help choosing headphones

    Hello, I'm planning to get a set of good headphones for my iPod. Right now there's a place in Toronto which is selling a set of Sony MDRV700DJ headphones for $170CAD ($153US). However, I can also get a set of Grado SR60 for $150CAD ($135US). Which set of headphones are better? I've heard...
  11. bobo_1314

    Paris Hilton does it again.....

    She got caught by the police again!! This time DUI in her Merc SLR. I seriously think that the government should do something to ban rich brainless drivers from driving powerful cars; not that they will hurt/kill themselves, but they pose a threat to the innocent public!! Source
  12. bobo_1314

    Need help distinguishing a Ferrari Testarossa

    I saw a black Ferrari Testarossa today, but the weird thing was the side mirrors were mounted higher up the door frame, like this: But aren't Testarossas supposed to have the side mirrors at the corner of the window, like this? So is one a replica? If so, which one? Or is it just a year...
  13. bobo_1314

    Need help choosing a cell phone!!

    I'm planning to get a new phone as my Panasonic X700 isn't very reliable. I'm probably going to get a Nokia, because I've owned a few before and they were very reliable. I'm thinking to get the 3250, but there's no official date as to when it'll be available. I might be considering the 8800 as...
  14. bobo_1314

    What music was the Stig listening to?

    Could anyone tell me what music the Stig was listening to on yesterday's TG? Clarkson said the name of the composer (I think) but I don't know how to spell it. Thanks!!
  15. bobo_1314

    Does anyone have the Top Gear music theme?

    Hi, I'm trying to find the Top Gear music theme (you know, the tune which starts at the beginning of the show), just wondering if anyone has it? Thanks in advance!
  16. bobo_1314

    Which car would you choose?

    If you had a choice of an Acura RL, a Lexus GS350AWD (should be available in North America by mid-to-late 2006), or a Mercedes E350 4MATIC, which one would you choose?
  17. bobo_1314

    Mercedes M Class engine problem??

    Hello, I've heard some of my friends saying that the Mercedes M Class engines can go on fire unexpectedly and will explode. At first I didn't really believe it until I saw one for real this morning. The fire department and the cops were blocking off a parking lot; at first I thought someone...