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    Ownership Verified: German Obsession

    A little over 2 years ago I got my first German car. 2007 Audi RS4 January 21, of this year saw me go off roading onto someones lawn. Unfortunately for both me and my car, the decorative boulder that happened to...
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    Canadian viewers?

    I've been looking for TG America on the PVR for the last week now and its got bloody Gladiator on instead. Anyone else in Canada have this same issue?
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    new 458 italia in Canada

    some shots from last weekend's track day in Calgary Canada. The 458 and others.
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    Question for the pros: Which wide angle?

    I've got a case of G.A.S. and the prognosis at this point is a wide angle lens. I'm running a 40D as my primary body with an XTi as my backup so crop sensors on both. Not going to FF anytime soon. looking for indoor shots, landscapes and pit shots at the track. Looking at the Canon 10-22...
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    replaced my 1999 miata last night

    with this beast. God its a nice car. Yes the rest of the photos are pooched from when they upgraded the BB.
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    Photos of last track days for the year :(

    Well, at least here in Calgary this past weekend was our last 2 track days. Some shots for you guys. So the group shot includes, from closest to furthest: Enzo XX ( F430 707HP Saleen S7 twin Turbo...
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    Andy Willman Please READ THIS THREAD [Viper ACR for loan]

    A friend of mine just sent an email to the general TG mailbox offering his car for use. This is a legitimate offer. No fooling. I was there when the car was picked up and I really think you need to have it at the track. PM me if you want more details. I have many photos of it.
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    Opinion wanted on 50D vs 40D for motorsports photography

    Looking at getting a 50D body to go with my current lenses, 17-55 2.8IS canon and a canon 70-200 F2.8. I'm currently shooting with a xTi (450D) which is fine but the AF isn't nearly fast enough or accurate enough. I take lots of track pictures which I now sell so my hobby is now funding itself...
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    70-200mm F2.8 non IS vs F4.0 IS what's your opinion?

    I'm looking at getting either a Canon 70-200 F2.8 or a 70-200 4.0 IS. I shoot landscapes, portraits and at the track quite a bit. I've read pros and cons from "expert" reviewers but what's the opinions of our Gurus out there? I've got a Canon Xti and a 17-55 2.8IS with 430EX II flash right...
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    No 56k: ACR Delivery in Canada

    This is one of the first ACRs delivered in Canada (maybe the first). My friend picked it up last night. It is a black on black with the red stripe and looks gorgeous. It is pretty civilized on the roads. We drove it back the 350km from the dealership to help break in the engine. This thing is...
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    Beautiful Sunday morning @ the track,

    Well, Since there are quite a few pictures, I'll just link to my webshots album. To tempt you to visit it there was a McLaren SLR, Carrera GT, 2 Ford GTs, a bunch of Ferrari's and Porsches and the odd Audi and Merc wagon. Enjoy the shots. This is only some of the 500+ we took...
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    From Last weekend's Champ Car Race in Edmonton. Shelby GR1