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  1. swek

    Muammar al-Gaddafi unveils "The Rocket"

    [B] State funded carbage. You go Lybia!
  2. swek

    Germany may crack down on paintball and laser tag,1518,623518,00.html If you ask me once again an administration overreacts after a school shooting. I don't think this will ever make it into legislation but it nicely demonstrates the mindstate of some people who deem things they don't understand "a...
  3. swek

    My vacation shots [56k - the usual]

    I just returned from this years vacation and I'd though that I'd post the pics I took. Not that I'm a great photographer. I just wanted to share the pics. This years destination was R?gen. Quite an interesting place. Germany's largest Island located at the Baltic Sea. Once the summer holiday...
  4. swek

    New Duke Nukem Forever teaser trailer

    The Hero of my childhood has suddenly decided to pop up again. 3D Realms just released a new teaser trailer for Duke Nukem Forever. Could the release be around the corner or is this yet another blip that leads to nothing (E3 trailer anyone?)? I shall...
  5. swek

    Tales of Vista, forceware drivers, a HD ready LCD, HDMI and one unhappy guy

    Morning folks As some of you know I recently bought a Samsung LE23R32B LCD. At first I connected it via VGA which worked like a charm. Recently I bought a DVI - HDMI cable and that's when the trouble began. For some reason the Nvidia forceware driver doesn't allow me to select refresh rates...
  6. swek

    [08x07] July 23rd, 2006

    Discuss the Ep here if you've seen it. Like always, no download or torrent talk. :)
  7. swek

    Official World Cup 2006 Thread?

    The first game starting in a few hours and no thread in sight yet? I think we can do better so I went ahead and created The official FIFA World Cup Germany 2006 thread. Post your comments about the WC, the games, your hometeam whatever. Go Germany! :mrgreen:
  8. swek

    [Concept] Dodge Hornet

    I just stumbled across this on a German newssite. I don't think it has been posted yet. Prior to Dodges entrance to the European market this concept has been unveiled at the Geneva Auto Show. Not much about it is know besides the fact that it's intended to blend American design principles with...
  9. swek

    MSN doesn't shut up.

    Okay, here's the deal. I pretty much run my PC 24/7 but lately I found out that MSN (The one that comes with XP) seems to run in the backround all the time even when I killed it from the task bar. It's pretty annoying coming home seeing chat windows opened by friends who thought you were home...
  10. swek

    New Ferrari Enzo GT / Race purpose built.

    What a beast. Although I have to say that I'm not particulary keen of the looks. Let's see if it grows on me while time passes by. Sorry, no specs yet. More info here:
  11. swek

    Spray-on mud for your 4x4/SUV,12996,1506025,00.html It's the perfect gift to make fun of your friends car choice. :lol:
  12. swek

    Two Thousand Posts

    In best Finalgear tradition I celebrate my 2000th post by opening what Justin would call "A useless topic that degrades the forum and should be deleted in any case" Doesn't seem so long ago to me that I joined the board to tell Ren not to learn German because it's just pointless. As it turns...
  13. swek

    My apartment is a fucking Aquarium

    Hey guys, I just came home and I'm so pissed. My fucking POS neighbour left his washing machine on after he went out of the house. It disconnected and now my complete flat is under water. Heck, even the keyboard I'm typing with is wet right now. Aprox. 2cm of water everywhere. My vinyl...
  14. swek

    Help with possible virus file

    I just checked my system and found this suspicious file calld Virus1.exe in System 32. I know the filename sounds a little clich? but I want to make sure that it really isn't spyware etc. Avast scaned the file and reported nothing. My spyware programs found nothing either. So I did a little...
  15. swek

    The Pope mobile is on

    You heard it here first. It's just a Golf though. Nevrtheless your chance to own a truly blessed car. Maybe it never breaks down ? :mrgreen:
  16. swek

    Overcrowded lectures at my University

    I am so pissed. The new semester started yesterday and I had a lecture today at 8.30 o'clock. I got up, did my usual morning routine and headed for my bus. I should have known that this isn't my day when I waited 20 mins for my bus, which usually comes in 3 mins intervals. After I've finally...
  17. swek

    Pizza delivery geek style

    Thats just absurd. Sony made a deal with Pizza Hut that allows you to order a Pizza, while playing:
  18. swek

    GTR anyone ?

    Today I've bought GTR. Since I am a total n00b i thought that maybe some of you can give me some tips or setups. I would appreciate anything. My first impressions so far are positive..i haven't played that long but the sounds and the handling of the cars are fantastic. If you haven't heard of...
  19. swek

    Is your car virus-proof ?

    I don't know if the source is legit, but if it turns out to be the case 150.00 cars are virus infected. read about it here
  20. swek

    A few Hamburg photos

    I've used today's nice weather to take some pictures of my hometown Hamburg...I hope you'll like them.