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    James May: James May Toy Stories 2009 -- Different broadcast versions?

    Hi Everyone, I thought I would ask the collective minds a question, The broadcast of James May's Toy Stories are there different versions? I have the Lego House from back in '09 that 52:09 long. I thought this was the only version While trying to find a online version to quote a post I was...
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    Netflix removing older Top Gear content

    Just read a report that the lovely people at Netflix ( least in Canada) are stripping older Top Gear episodes from their lineup. Currently from Season 2 to 20 is online. As of the end of January they will be removing all content up to season 14. I am not a fan of the idea but it must have...
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    Mazda Furai Prototype destroyed at Dunsfold

    Not sure if this is in the right forum section, but I figured that its relevant. I will see if I can more about this.
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    Top Gear on the air in China Top Gear isn?t just a TV show, it?s a rapidly-expanding nation-state, a united gearhead kingdom with territories in Australia, Korea, Russia, the United States, and most recently, France. Add one more country to that...
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    Top Gear seeks to recover cars from controversial Argentina episode Article: Top Gear seeks to recover cars from controversial Argentina episode A couple of months ago, the team from Top Gear ticked off masses of locals in Argentina and had to flee the country...
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    Top Gear Patagonia Special aka the Christmas Special Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May will be back in a two-part Top Gear Patagonia Special, on a road trip through South America. The Top Gear Christmas Specials are famous for two things...
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    Bovine 1, My Truck 0

    Everyone here remember that line the Robbie Coltrane's character from The World is Not Enough said just after his caviar factory fell apart, "The insurance company is never going to believe this... ". Well Friday morning, I had such an occurrence. Driving home from my shift I had 4 cows ram...
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    The Purge

    (Sorry screenshot from my phone) Is anyone going too see this might be interesting...... Your thoughts?
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    CoD: Black Ops 1/2 Players

    Just throwing out the question, does anyone here play Call of Duty: Black Ops 1 or 2? Wife got me the 1st game for the holidays. Really getting into the zombies sub games and the multiplayer. Just wanted to see if anyone o FG was into the game as well.
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    Corvette C7 mule free DLC

    General Motors and Poly Dig have released a camouflaged and tarped Corvette C7 development prototype as free Download for Gran Turismo 5. I downloaded last night before work and took the obligatory test drive around the TG track. Not much to report as it was a quick spin. Basically the shape...
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    Anybody ever sent the Top Gear gents a package.?

    Has anyone sent the blokes a package? Reason being is the Christmas Special. I have found a product designed by an automotive manufacturer, not related to cars and was hoping they might show that on the segment if they indeed have it this year.
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    No 56k: Which verson is better looking?

    OK trying a new idea for a thread. Everyone knows that manufacturers will model a platform under different names, brands and mild reskins. What I'm starting is a comparison posting about cars and seeing which is better in everyone eyes and hope that everyone keeps it going with their own ideas...
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    Mobile Wifi Hotspot... Roll call

    Hey Everyone I have a question to put forth to everyone. Who here has a Mobile Wifi Hotspot in their vehicle? Factory or aftermarket doesn't matter. I am thinking of semi- retiring my Rogers Rocket Hub from the house and semi-permanently wiring in my mobile office (aka the war wagon). What...
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    Top Gear Filming and the 2012 Olympics

    Anyone out there with any insight if Top Gear might be taping the series around the time of the Olympics. Reason in asking is that I'm applying to go over and work during the Olympics and was hoping to sneek in a live taping. If not well I can at least visit the area as I have never been to the...
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    Happy New Year Everyone

    I just wanted to wish everyone on the forum a Happy New Year and a prosperous 2012. p.s. Bring on Series 18 and 19. I can't wait :mrgreen:
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    Need Help with finding a pic

    I authoring the series onto a DVD for easier storage, but I'm trying to find a cast pic for Series 1 with Jason Dawe. I have only been able to find one but its not a very good quality pic. Does anyone have...