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  1. francis

    Honda RA-X Concept

    more info: Honda RA-X Concept: Independent Design Proposal For Aggressive Honda Sportscar - Auto Motto[/u]
  2. francis

    Testing my new Sigma 50-500 lens...

    It?s my new lens, i like it, 500 mm reach, quality optics, build quality, tripod mount design, versatile zoom range and great price, not have OS and is a little bit heavy but is this "cons" is not a problem for my ;) #1 #2 #3 #4 #5
  3. francis

    Vote in my to EUA president...NOW

    Now i?m the ONE :P
  4. francis

    The New Subaru Impreza WRX STI Spec C

  5. francis

    HDR processing with High Dynamic Range 1.85

    1. open image with teh software, RAW, diferent exposes or a single jpg. 2. Chose the type of processing, HDR or "fake" HDR. 3.Click in "Tone Map HDR file" 4. chose the settings... many types to favorite is "ultra-contrast" to the landscape and cityscape composition. Final...
  6. francis

    [Pics] Track Day day 25 April (Braga, Portugal)

    Some pics :D i wait coments ;)
  7. francis

    Gran Turismo 4 Photography Mode Thread

    Now i wait see a lot pics here :D (sorry my ingls)
  8. francis

    Track Day day 18/12/07 in Estoril

  9. francis

    MLR Track Day @ Mallory Park

  10. francis

    Detroit Car Show