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  1. The_Clincher

    Clarkson on the Audi R8 havent finished reading it yet, but from the quote on the side of the page...i dont think it will disapoint:D
  2. The_Clincher

    Need some advice on a used car!

    hey guys, I share with my mom a 1996 Plymouth grand voyager...its a pos essentially, the gasket is messed up, the brakes are dead (barely and pedal travel left in them), the steering grinds at low speeds, and the engine cuts out regularly...oh and it chugs fuel like its dying of thirst... so...
  3. The_Clincher

    R8 from the The Times..."new king of head turners" sweet review of the R8 from The Times
  4. The_Clincher

    Motor Trend: R8 or Carrera 4? pretty short, but decent comparo of the R8 and Carrera 4...verdict not as obvious as it may seem tho:)
  5. The_Clincher

    2008 SRT-10 Revealed (the 600bhp one!) 8.4L V10 600bhp 560lb-ft 0-60= under 4s (well yea=P) 0-100-0 = 12s
  6. The_Clincher

    Spied: Ferrari Dino theres now proof that ferrari is working on a dino!! cant wait!!!:D :D hmm wonder if schumi will help to develop it now, since he isnt doing much at the moment:-P
  7. The_Clincher

    possible return of The Judge?

    After watching the most recent 5th gear epi, and seeing the AMAZING VXR 500...this got me wondering if Pontiac is willing to also do a final blast for the GTO with the same set up as the VXR500, which could be called The Judge to relate to the older one. Seems like a great idea, just one...
  8. The_Clincher

    Audi RS6 turbos?!?!? i was hoping that audi would stick with its naturally aspirated thing it was doing with the RS4, but then again turbos would definately help launch that massive wagon :P ...
  9. The_Clincher

    where has plato gone to??

    ^..anyone know??
  10. The_Clincher

    Chevy HHR SS. . . for the love of god, please tell me this cannot be so!!!!! :shock: :blowup: