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  1. calvinhobbes

    How to help Fuck Cancer

    In Alex’s cancer thread, many people told cancer to fuck off. I’d like to think that every little thing we try to do against it can help, so I thought we could share a few ideas. Mine is: Get registered as a bone marrow donor. A bone marrow (or these days, usually a PBSC*) transplant is a...
  2. calvinhobbes

    Theresa May is the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

    I'd be interested in our UK members' opinions on Mrs May. :)
  3. calvinhobbes

    (Some) Iran Sanctions Lifted

    Among all the recent doom and gloom, there is some good news: I really, really hope this will last and bring at least some much-needed mutual trust and stability.
  4. calvinhobbes

    How to be a f'ing arsehole: Lessons from Cologne

    By now, the proverbial fog is starting to lift, so I thought it might be time to share a few thoughts on the New Year's Eve violence in the city I call home. It's made the rounds in the international media, so here's just one article to give you a brief overview: A 'new dimension' of sexual...
  5. calvinhobbes

    What should I do in San Antonio?

    I'm going to be spending a couple of days in San Antonio, TX (including New Year's) and am wondering what I should do with my free time. There's the Riverwalk, as seen on a postcard from ChelsDS: and the fireworks seem to be worth it: but apart from those two and some sort of old church ;-)...
  6. calvinhobbes

    Terrorist Attacks in Paris

    I thought this should be in its own thread, not just in "random thoughts": So far, the attacks seem to be still ongoing. The French President has declared a nationwide state of emergency and ordered the borders closed. source with live updates...
  7. calvinhobbes

    When were you born?

    I've just noticed that many of us seem to be in their late 20s and early 30s. So I thought I'd ask - with a bit of intentional vagueness. ;)
  8. calvinhobbes

    Trevor Noah To Become Next Host Of The Daily Show

    Nice to see a little bit of good news: Comedy Central has found a new host for The Daily Show. I've only seen him once on QI, but even that left an impression - a very good one. Fingers crossed that he'll make the show his own and succeed!
  9. calvinhobbes

    Anyone have experience with low blood pressure in the morning?

    I often walk around like a drunk for the first minutes and may need an inordinate amount of time to "get going". Does anyone have some experience* in fighting this kind of annoyance - like here, but with personal experience? * Apart from "think about something that infuriates you". ;-)
  10. calvinhobbes

    Chain of events: Today, 100 years ago

    So it's been a hundred years today that a certain Serbian nationalist shot and killed the prince of the kingdom that was occupying his homeland: Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria. What followed was an almost comical display of jingoistic arrogance, bruised royal egos and doomed-to-fail...
  11. calvinhobbes

    What to see or do in/around Madison, WI?

    I'll probably be spending two days in Wisconsin's capital next month. Apart from a day trip to Milwaukee, I haven't had too many ideas for activities, so I'm wondering if anyone might be able to give me a hint. I like everything that moves (planes, cars, trains boats/ships etc.), architecture...
  12. calvinhobbes

    Good Causes

    I thought we could use a place where people can post ways of helping others, so that such causes may get more support. I'd prefer if the help didn't necessarily involve monetary donations or giving personal details to international conglomerates, but if it does, well, we're all adults and can...
  13. calvinhobbes

    Windows XP disk space discrepancy

    Hi everyone, I'd appreciate help with this issue: I have a Windows XP VM on my Macintosh HD. The size of the virtual HD that Windows uses is about 31.9 GB and almost full (29.9 GB used). However, when I go to the C:\ drive, highlight all files and folders (including hidden and system files) and...
  14. calvinhobbes

    Formula 1 driver Robert Kubica injured in rally crash

    Best wishes, I hope he recovers from it!
  15. calvinhobbes


    For those of you who eat breakfast, even occasionally, or enjoy a late-night treat every now and then: What's your favourite spread? Do you prefer it on toast or something else? I'll start with something I recently discovered on a trip to Belgium: Speculoospasta It is basically ground...