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    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

  2. Nabster

    Ownership Verified: Stevanfords 2018 Mustang GT

    I keep meaning to test drive one of these with magneride. I'm wondering how much I goofed in not opting to get it. Nice car regardless. Though the asymmetrical stripe is does not look right to me.
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    Random Thoughts....

    Yeah nothing but some tree branches down by me. Spectre was closest to it, and the rest of us were on group messaging keeping track as it moved though. I already had mostly clear skies and could see stars overhead when it was winding up in Dallas, so I was watching the local news where they had...
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    Not sure how or why I wound up here. But now that I have.... does this count as seeing your penis?

    Not sure how or why I wound up here. But now that I have.... does this count as seeing your penis?
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    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    I'm on the second Mustang in nearly 5 years with the keyless entry and neither one has been stolen. Maybe I just don't leave them parked in bad places or dangerous areas though :dunno: The convenience is great for me, and frankly I think until you start living with the system you won't know...
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    Woodward Dream Cruise 2020: Finalgear Edition

    Yeah, the other two have much more limited time off than I do. Glad I work for a European company! Of course, they make more than I do, though :razz:
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    Woodward Dream Cruise 2020: Finalgear Edition

    I can't speak for Stef, but the rest of Team Texas won't be attending Ringmeet 2020 unless we hit the lottery and no longer need to work for a living. The time off and cost to get over there just wont jive for us next year. Woodward is doable as a long weekend though, so there's a much better...
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    Woodward Dream Cruise 2020: Finalgear Edition

    Yeah I'll probably be up to go. We'll see whether Team Texas pulls together something "new" to bring there. There's a possibility of me taking the old Mustang too, provided the AC gets repaired and some other stuff, but that may end up being too much money to make happen in time- too early to...
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    2020 Corvette C8 Unveiled

    He'd be real sore after that ~$45k capital gains tax due on that if he held it too, I bet. I still have something like .31 BTC I mined many years ago. My plan during that run up was to cash out if it ever hit $30k so I'd land about $7k after taxes. Never quite got there obviously, but I'm...
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    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    I get emails from Hagerty every couple of weeks inviting me to join their members livestream of some video on some topic with some expert. Except they're always on a Tuesday at 2PM or something else equally only likely to be possible for retired people :razz:
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    Post Your Watches

    Bad idea. The movement needs to be removed from the case before going into an ultrasonic. You could pull the bracelet off and wash that alone no problem of course, but don't put the complete head of the watch in there.
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    Ownership Verified: Der Stig Bought Another BMW?!?! Oh, it's my grandpa's motorcycle. [2002 BMW R1150GS]

    This reminds me we need to replace that hex key that was, uh... overextended during use :mrgreen:
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    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    Buy El Camino Put dogs in bed of El Camino ???? Profit
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    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    I almost bought one of those to put in Side of Ranch Truck while @Der Stig was borrowing it last week. :roflmao:
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    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    Or you know, drive smart and responsibly. I've never had a detector. I've also never even been pulled over, and I don't drive like a grandma.
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    Texas Bans Red Light Cameras

    Or my favorite rage inducer of them entering an intersection they can't clear due to stopped traffic ahead and then they get stuck in the middle of it when their light turns red and cross traffic gets the green but can't cross with a car in the way.
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    Ownership Verified: 1000lbs. Lighter! 1987 Mercury Colony Park

    Seconded, but if my old Mustang is anything to go by he'll still have to clean and reuse a few parts even with the hardware kits.
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    Ford v Ferrari - First official trailer

    "See it in premium Large Format" I think I'll take them up on that offer.
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    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    In Texas it's because Jebus. Old blue laws on the books prohibit dealers being open both weekend days, so most all dealerships here close on Sunday. Probably similar reasons in other states.
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    Ownership Verified: My Orange Furious 2019 Mustang GT

    Past 8000 miles now. Not a whole lot of changes. I've installed Ford Racing hood struts (as they should have come from the factory) so I don't need the stick to hold the hood open any more. I also swapped in the '18 model year dual tone horn, since they moved to a pathetic sounding single tone...