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  1. argatoga

    Neil Peart, Dead at 67

    RIP, The Greatest of Canadians.
  2. argatoga

    Harley-Davidson Suspends LiveWire Production I'd rather get a Zero, but I am rooting for HD on this one. They should be given credit for trying to innovate.
  3. argatoga

    Visting Croatia in September

    I'll be in Croatia for the first week of September if anyone is interested in meeting up.
  4. argatoga

    Unverified Ownership Pontiac Solstice GXP

    Apparently, I never made a thread for my Pontiac. So here it is! I figure I'll start out with a glory shot. My car, until last month, was stanced curtesy of the last owner. After I curbed the car I had a suspension shop adjust the coil-overs to something closer to sanity. Unfortunately, I had...
  5. argatoga

    Indian FTR 1200. Finaly, an Indian sports bike.

    After what seemed like a five billion year tease, Indian has confirmed they will release a sports bike.
  6. argatoga

    Roadtrip - Pacific NW Summer Mania 2018

    Anyone interested in another road trip this Summer?
  7. argatoga

    Universal Basic Income and the Threat of Tyranny

    I've tended to lean towards having a universal basic income, but this argument has made me reconsider it. If someone's absolute survival depends on the government, how would they affect change in it? Would only those "elite" with jobs become the ruling class (as the government would rely on...
  8. argatoga

    Bob Lutz to the Max

    Bob Lutz took Bill Maher's advice and started a talk show. If you want to watch the man responsible for the original 3 series BMW and Dodge Viper defend Donald Trump, here you go.
  9. argatoga

    Used 2015 Mercedes-Benz E250

    My dad is thinking about purchasing a used 2015 Mercedes-Benz E250 Diesel. Are there any issues that should have him running away from it?
  10. argatoga

    USB Power

    So I went ahead and bought a USB power port for my bike. I'd rather not plug it right into the battery in case there would be a power drain. What would be the best reversible (no splicing of existing...
  11. argatoga

    Identify GM V6

    Can anyone identify this engine? It came from either a third or fourth gen Camaro. I think it is the Buick V6, but I could be wrong.
  12. argatoga


    I saw a squirrel running around inside a trash can today, so naturally I ran up to it and took photos like crazy.
  13. argatoga

    Ownership Verified: Argatoga's Ford Ranger. Let's party like it is 1999!

    Due to the need for a beater truck for out door activities and because of the area I live, I purchased this wonder of a vehicle. The mighty V6 pours out 150hp (wow!). 198k miles and the vacuum engaged front hubs work! Admittedly the last owner had them repaired 20k miles previously. So I...
  14. argatoga

    Return of the Jag six? It looks like the six has a good chance to return with the new engine lineup. I don't see them keeping two engine lines, so it makes sense to end production of the V8 and the derived V6. That a...
  15. argatoga

    No steering wheels, pedals or horns in cars by 2035, survey says

    I can see it happening, not by 2035, but I can see it happening. A driverless car can still be a luxury symbol, and still provide the ability to go wherever you want whenever you want. Most people want cars for this purpose. While we are auto enthusiasts, the majority of car buyers are families...
  16. argatoga

    Who owns the trademark for the automotive use of Thunderbird?

    This is a bit of an off question, but after reading that Ford licensed the name from Triumph I was wondering if they still did. I can see the latter selling the rights as B.S.A. entered its death spiral, but I can't find an update on this.
  17. argatoga

    Glow in the dark roads Neat idea, but I don't see the snow flakes and the like holding up to road deterioration. Not to mention I am concerned if they make things slippery. Over here a good rain produces these lovelies
  18. argatoga

    iphone mount

    I'm looking for a solution to mount my iPhone 4s to my motorcycle. I'm not too concerned on whether it provides power, but being waterproof is a must.
  19. argatoga

    US share listing lined up for Fiat-Chrysler group It looks like FIAT is more and more becoming an American company with the merger. Considering that Chrysler's U.S. sales have saved the company from a downward spiral it may be for the best.