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  1. TobiasG

    News: 2019 Suzuki Jimny

    Thought we had a topic on this one, but apparently not. Anyway, the new Jimny that is coming out looks great and I want one! {"data-align":"none","data-size":"full","height":"320","width":"620","src":"http:\/\/\/export\/b_50128.jpeg"}...
  2. TobiasG

    Ownership Verified: My third Alfa

    Alright, I bought my first brand new car and it is my third Alfa. I had been using the 916 GTV as my daily for years, but it was getting old and the winter weather with the excessive salting that they do in Oslo was starting to show on the car. If I wanted to preserve it, then it was time to...
  3. TobiasG

    Star Citizen needs YOU to pledge. So what have you pledged?

    Currently I have bought the Origin Jumpworks 325A for fighting and Drake Interplanetary Cutlass for more of an multipurpose role. (Ship list of the current ships are found here What about you?
  4. TobiasG

    Star Citizen

    If you haven't heard about this game you should check it out. From the same guy that made Wing commander, but it's not done yet and probably won't be until 2015, but it is looking amazing even right now. Not to mention it will be properly HUGE! Watch the video below for more info Also this...
  5. TobiasG

    Ownership Verified: My second Alfa!

    Hi folks! I have been thinking of getting a second Alfa for almost two years now. Depression set in once I put my 116 GTV into winter storage for the winter half of the year. But financial situations has limited my options for getting a second Alfa. And the Boring Polo(which got sold today...
  6. TobiasG

    Planetside 2

    Alpha gameplay of Planetside 2 is currently showed live at Looking forward to this game. Gonna be fantastic!
  7. TobiasG

    My first Alfa

    Right, so i took a trip to France and bought me an Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV 2000, 1979 mod. Did this back in June, and the car has no rust, which is the important bit and in good condition. It only needs a few touch ups here and there, and cleaning. Was supposed to do that when i got to Lofoten...
  8. TobiasG

    Alfa Romeo GTV

    Right, bored of my weee polo and i want a new car. An Alfa Romeo gtv have got my attencion, however since i don't know much about them (or cars in general for that matter) i was wondering if one of you lot could help me out. What to look out for, what engine to get and any other information...
  9. TobiasG

    TG Polar Special 1080p Reseed Request

    heeello. Got a nice new tv that can take 1080p. And now i want to rewatch the polar special on it, but i got a wee problem. The download of the 1080p version has stopped at 72%. Could anyone that still got it seed it for a little while please?