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  1. Joc?

    My pics from the 2009 Hungarian GP

    OK, I'm a bit late with this, and actually quite angry... I went to the GP with my brother, both of us took our cameras, and his camera is much better than mine (although most of the pics were taken by me, even with his camera :D) . However, the memory card got damaged somehow, to such an extent...
  2. Joc?

    Random F1 pictures

    The thread is basically inspired by vikirad's recent Jim Barber cartoons and some great pictures you posted in various threads - let's have a thread where you can post random F1 pics which you think are funny, interesting, awesome or anything. Some pics to start with: 2005... Indy 2005...
  3. Joc?

    Some of my pics from the Hungaroring

    OK, I admit the pics are bad quality, and I couldn't even take photos of the cars in action. My brother took my reasonably good camera with him to his holiday and left me his own crap one :rolleyes: Anyway, it was a good weekend. :) I don't know who this McLaren SLR with Romanian number plate...
  4. Joc?

    Holiday in Slovenia - where to go?

    I'm going to have holiday with my family in Slovenia in August. Our accomodation will be somewhere around Bled, or Lake Bohinj, so that region. We're not sure yet what places to visit, can anyone give some advice? We're going by car so if a place is a bit far away from Bled it's ok too...
  5. Joc?

    When did you start watching / your first F1 experience?

    I'm just curious and I couldn't find a thread like this :) Since when have you been an F1 fan, what's the first thing you remember about it? I have a brother who's 3 years older than me I remember that he usually watched the races when I was 8-10 years old (so around 1997-1999). I often went...
  6. Joc?

    People from Poland - help me please

    I know there are some Polish posters on this forum so I'm wondering if any of you could help me ;) I have a homework to do for next week - every student of my class has to present a country and I have to do it with Poland. The teacher gave us plenty of questions about the country, mainly about...
  7. Joc?

    Michael McDowell Nascar Sprint Cup crash

    Look at this... and he is OK! :blink: It was the qualifying for Nascar Sprint Cup yesterday, April 4th
  8. Joc?

    100 greatest F1 moments, 50 greatest overtakings Great videos there, maybe you haven't seen all of them :) 100 great moments and 50 great overtakings from F1's history.