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  1. HeidiL

    What shouldn't I miss in Romania

    For a while I've been planning for a while to grab Him Indoors and take a road trip round various bits of Europe, and after the latest top gear ep, I think Romania needs to be one of the places we go, so I'm wondering: what would you say are the must-see places? The trip will mostly be 'places...
  2. HeidiL

    '89 Mini Flame

    This is my Mini, which I've named Heinz, partly because when I got him he had a ridiculous twin bean-tin exhaust, and partly because the carb's set up wrong, or possibly just the wrong carb, and so he's rather flatulent. He needs work to stop the flatulence, make it easier to get into third...
  3. HeidiL

    Which is the better driving-related birthday present?

    Sorry if this is in the wrong place, but I wasn't sure where to put it. My bloke's 50 next year. Years ago he used to do a bit of rallying in minis, and after I bought mine, made a few noises about wanting to have a go at it again. A friend of mine apparently has enough bits and bobs lying...