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  1. Nabster

    Ownership Verified: Twin Turbo Side of Ranch

    Alright, I teased my purchase of something twin turboed in the Random Thoughts thread and people seemed to go wild with the possibilities. Prepare to be underwhelmed. :lmao: It's a 2011 F150 Lariat Supercrew, with the Ecoboost twin-turbo 3.5L V6. So what's happened is that my family's land...
  2. Nabster

    2019 Miami Concours/Watches and Wonders

    I had a work trip to Miami to do some work at the Roger Dubuis booth at the 2019 Watches and Wonders show over this last weekend. During the event the Miami Concours also took place, and I was able to spend a bit of time walking through on Sunday morning, so here are some pictures of some of the...
  3. Nabster

    Ownership Verified: My Orange Furious 2019 Mustang GT

    Yup. I went a did a thing. A glorious obnoxiously bright orange and rumbly loud thing. :mrgreen: As a bit of back story, when I first learned to drive and got to get behind the wheel of what was at the time my Mom's old '69 Mustang I knew what I wanted. I needed one of my own. I wanted someday...
  4. Nabster

    Ownership Verified: 2015 Mustang GT: My Second Pony

    So, this was alluded to in a short series of slightly cryptic posts over in the Random Thoughts thread. My Old Grand Prix was starting to become a pain with little maintenance items continually popping up, and I while I loved the way that car drove the rest of it falling apart around the engine...
  5. Nabster

    I need suggestions for cheesy and/or guilty pleasure songs

    Some friends and I are having a party in a week to celebrate a bunch of different things, and we're going all out with a fog machine, lasers, kiddie pool of beers, a bunch of hard liquors, a gross of cocktail umbrellas, grilled kebobs, shrimp hors d'oeuvres, etc., etc. and of course music. I'm...
  6. Nabster

    Implementing quick test

    With no meaningful content.
  7. Nabster

    Original Trans Am Racing Series pictures from 1966-1972 Found this via another forum, and thought perhaps some people here would be interested. It's 36 pages of 1143 vintage photos, lots of nice cars and "behind the scenes" pictures from the racing series.
  8. Nabster

    Rocky Mountain Mustang Roundup

    I just got back from the RMMR, 3 days of cruising, autocross, and a car show. I'm back with some 600 more miles on the car, with the new suspension in the front it drives wonderfully, but I've decided I need different mufflers because it's just too loud at highway speed; I won an award in my...
  9. Nabster

    No 56k: Wyotech Car Show: 9MB of pictures

    Went to the Wyotech car show today, fairly decent turnout. Here's a bunch (34) of pictures, which I realize now don't include any of my Mustang, but you can click it in my signature if you wont to see those. Also, next time I take pictures at a car show I'll be sure to set the camera properly...
  10. Nabster

    Small Town 2010 Camaro Unveil

    Our GM dealership (the largest in the state, they sell about 100 cars a month) unveiled their 2010 Camaro earlier tonight. Unfortunately it's only the RS model (read: V6), but what do you expect? Here are some pictures of the event and the car. They had 6 or so older Camaros around, one of...
  11. Nabster

    Coming to you from Middle-of-Nowhere, Colorado

    Actually that's not entirely true, we're somewhere between Limon and Lamar. I just get a kick out of the fact I'm connected to the internet on my laptop via my cellphone as we're driving down the road. :lol:
  12. Nabster

    Problem with reds/oranges

    This has just been something of a minor annoyance of mine and I'm not quite sure what the deal is. It may be monitor settings, I'm not really sure, but whenever I go back and look at a picture I've taken with orange or red things, those orange/red bits seem to flare and eat up anything else on...
  13. Nabster

    Angel Food Cake

    Went out with friends last night (one of them is on a temp leave from the Navy), after I got home I wasn't tired enough to sleep so I decided to whip something up. I guess in hindsight this wasn't just whipped up, took a good 30 minutes to get the batter mixed up and another 40 minutes to bake...
  14. Nabster

    Help on License Plate ID, British Maybe?

    I was looking for something downstairs, found a couple old shift knobs, one from a Fiat and one from an Austin Healey Sprite, they reminded me we had this plate as well. Anyone able to decipher any details about it (country of origin, year, car type, anything, etc)? Two spots between the letters...
  15. Nabster

    Anyone Ever Spent Time Fixing Up 8-tracks?

    If you have you'd know how that old foam gets. It's deteriorated to the point to push on it and it liquefies into a sticky sludge. Not exactly fun to clean up and replace, though it isn't difficult once you figure out how the cart opens. They're actually quite an interesting thing to take...
  16. Nabster

    I have high requirements for a new monitor

    What I have now: 21" widescreen, HD, Picture in Picture, 1000:1 contrast, 8ms response time, 4 USB ports, and rotates to vertical orientation. Problem is that it's beginning to die, and it's out of warranty. It has a really irritating high pitched squeal and goes through fits of serious...
  17. Nabster

    1969 Mustang Coupe

    EDIT: New updates/pics posted Oct. 9th. EDIT 2: New updates/pics posted June 10th. EDIT 3: New updates/pics posted July 7th. May as well share this. She was my mom's first car during high school, into college, then into her mom's garage for 10 or so years before we brought it up here where...