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  1. Daniel

    Post a pic of yourself

    :lol: :lol: This thread is hilarious. Or at least it has been for the last 3 pages. I would love to sit at a bar with Justin and Renesis! :lol: We need more pics of people though, and Renesis, seeing that you post more than anyone in this thread, I think its about time we get to see your...
  2. Daniel

    no top gear next week :'(

    ^ :lol:
  3. Daniel

    Forum Popularity

    mgkdk. show us a pic!
  4. Daniel

    Drivers License

    ^Cool. I like Plan B's :P snq: Norwegian laws are tricky. I know that many foreigners have to do their license over again here so I dont think its gonna work. Unmarked police cars should be illegal. In my town they even have a Porsche 911 (996) in black. So people overtake it to show off and...
  5. Daniel

    Forum Popularity

    ^Exactly. The total number of regulars is small enough to keep track of whats going on. :)
  6. Daniel

    Drivers License

    They are strict in Stavanger aswell, but not too bad in Egersund Im told. But there is a waiting list everywhere, and Im leaving in two weeks, so this is basically my only chance. And Ren, I also went Traffic speed when there was traffic, but when I was caught, the road was emtpty and it was...
  7. Daniel

    Drivers License

    Thanks guys. I know it is a bad thing to be speeding, but I wasn't driving like a maniac for three weeks, allthough that is how it must look like. I've learned my lesson. If you're gonna be speeding, look around first! ;)
  8. Daniel

    [06x02] May 29th, 2005

    I can't wait. And Logo; that Mercedes 190 Evolution car you have now in your sig is one of my favourite cars. So you do have some taste. :thumbsup:
  9. Daniel

    TG Season preview / Revamped!

    hanasand, I already told you man but your version kicks ass. Thing is, if TG was to make a teaser with the same pace as in yours, they would have used more material. You did a good job at showing how cool it CAN be done. If your version would be goin on for a minute I would get a heart attack...
  10. Daniel

    GT4 Stats

    Im at 69% Wohoo
  11. Daniel

    Famous Top Gear quotes.

    The M Coup? is a crap car Logo. So is the Z3. Putting a big engine in a bad, ugly car makes it no better nor prettier. It sort of reminds me of an oil tanker with that stupid roof. :thumbsdown:
  12. Daniel

    Drivers License

    Well, some of you know about my story but Ill make it short here: On my 17th birthday, one year before we can drive in Norway, my mum said it would be cool if I bought a car then, and then she could use it for a year and pay me some money for doing so. 2 days later, 21st of Oct. 2003, I bought...
  13. Daniel

    Famous Top Gear quotes.

    :lol: Logo, knowing quotes does not mean that we're obsessed. We just have memory. Knowing what happens in every episode, THAT is geeky. We respect the series and remember good parts. Thats about it. Well ok, it's hard to sleep on Sundays, I admit. :|
  14. Daniel

    So..where is Daniel?

    Yeah, the dreads are off. I feel so fresh :P 5 yrs is a long time, so I thought it was enough. Ill post a pic as soon as I get my hands on one. :)
  15. Daniel


    Watching movies on TV in the states takes forever with all the ads. I cant believe you guys over theere handle it.
  16. Daniel

    Whats your Pick for "BEST DRIVING SONG"?

    Wagner - Ride of the Valkrie DJ Ti?sto - Adagio for strings Linkin Park - Session Ive got thousands, but these are 3 of them :)
  17. Daniel

    Famous Top Gear quotes.

    Hammond responding to May: "I am aware of the tights thing, yes."
  18. Daniel

    Hammond's Charger.....

    ^What? I think you need glasses. Its a super-cool lookin thing!
  19. Daniel

    Site Suggestions

    ^Overheat aswell! Where have you been dude? Thx Cruzz563, Ive been back for some time now though. 8)
  20. Daniel

    Great... [READ ME RIGHT NOW! :( ]

    Viper, there sure are some geeks around here who knows about some tricks. You should put all the Torrents on a Dutch server or something, I don't think they're too strict on Copyrighted material. As long as the BBC don't care, why should anyone else? So basically you can share the episodes...