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  1. Daniel

    Drivers License

    Well, some of you know about my story but Ill make it short here: On my 17th birthday, one year before we can drive in Norway, my mum said it would be cool if I bought a car then, and then she could use it for a year and pay me some money for doing so. 2 days later, 21st of Oct. 2003, I bought...
  2. Daniel

    Im Off

    Ok dudes, I'm off for a 10days now. Going to Austria, St. Johann im Pongau. It would be cool to know it if some of you guys are going. I'm leaving tonight, Ill post some pics when I get back. And Buba, Ill email you later. ;)
  3. Daniel

    Worst Memory

    I saw a thread like this on a Norwegian forum. It would be interestin if everyone could put in their worst memories. I'm not quite sure myself though TBH. The worst memory I can think of now must be when I lost my drivers license after only 3 weeks of having it. It felt so evil. Grandparents...
  4. Daniel

    Quicktime Help

    Ok, after my fizzling around with codecs yesterday, I cant get my QT to work and that makes my iTunes close down aswell. Now, Its not possible to dowload QT without iTunes from, so does anyone know how I can get QT without iTunes? I really cant afford to reset my iTunes and all. :|
  5. Daniel

    Can't play .AVI

    Ok, here it goes. I have downloaded Lost for 3 days. I was gonna chill today, and then watch it. It seemed to work fine, but every 3 minute or so, it keeps lagging, at the exact same points. And then it jumps 30seconds, and everything turns into a liquid kinda thing. A known XVID problem. Now...
  6. Daniel


    Any of you watch it? People over here dig it. Im downloading episode 1-14 in one 5gig package from; Speed is good too. Those of u who have watched it, what do you think?
  7. Daniel

    Ketchup Mystery I know it is in Norwegian, but I guess u can understand the headline. It's about a swedish family who found a penis in a ketchup of a Turkish brand. The father and the two kids had some of it aswell, befor finding the penis. They thought something was...
  8. Daniel

    Biggest Forum

    Does anyone know what is the biggest Forum in the world? And who has the biggest post-count? Just wondering... :)
  9. Daniel

    Do You Do Drugs?

    Im wondering if any of you are doing drugs. Any kind but most likely Marihuana and so on... I hope. I dont do any kind of drug, except alcohol, but I've tried Marihuana once, abroad, and intend to keep it that way. Was really cool though. I just know for a fact that doing drugs is a lot more...
  10. Daniel


    What do you guys think of Mythbusters? Im in love with the show. Have like 15 eps now, started watching a week and a half ago If you guys are interested in downloading some, go here: :)
  11. Daniel

    Ferrari 250GTO/64

    I need help. Can't find any real photos of this car, and it is IMO one of the most beautiful cars ever built.
  12. Daniel

    Alfa Romeo Brera

    Finally! Its coming out! Between 200-400bhp Diesel and Petrol engines are planned. It's coming out in October with an est. price at 32.000? in Europe. I really like this one.
  13. Daniel


    A norwegian car site wrote about that exploding Polo ad today. So I sent them a link for the BMW M5 and VW Polo ads where they race that speed thing. See if you can find my name in the article. :thumbsup:
  14. Daniel

    Your Real Name

    Im curious about some of you guys real names. If you wanna have some privacy, just ignore. As most of you may realize, Daniel is my real name. :)
  15. Daniel

    Movie Quotes

    Come on guys, as you may notice, I want some Movie siscussions around here. Give me some of your favourite quotes! Here's mine: I kill a communist for fun, but for a green card, I'm gonna carve him up real nice! Al Pacino as Antonio Montana in Scarface I'll make him an offer he cant refuse...
  16. Daniel

    Movie Thread

    Ok, Im gonna make this this thread as a general Movie dicussion thread. My thought is that everyone can put in a movie they really like or just saw, and tell people what they think. So, movielovers, let me hear you all! I saw the Football Factory yesterday and found it very interesting. Its a...
  17. Daniel

    1st Replaced By 2nd

    Ok, I know that some cars, like Porsche's and so on, have the ignition on the left side of the steering wheel. That makes it easier for LeMans drivers to start their cars quickly. SO thats why sports cars for the road has adapted this trick. Its a cool sporty touch. Now, I hope some of you...
  18. Daniel

    Check this out! (Funny)

    Here is a bunch of funny after-party photos. Found them at another forum. (Some nudity) :lol:
  19. Daniel


    I am a fan of the Rocky films. I recently saw them all and must say I really like them. I know they're cheesy and kinda silly but I just don't care at all. I love the simplicity and I think Sylvester Stallone is magnicifent. The first one is definately the best one at 9/10 IMO. Then number ll...
  20. Daniel

    MSN Down

    My MSN doesnt work now, and neither does Romans. Is MSN Messenger down globaly?