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  1. tedb43o2o3

    Holy Sh*t its the Mercedes McLaren SLR Stirling Moss!!! Cars & Coffee 9/26/10

    Hope you guys enjoy the photos :P
  2. tedb43o2o3

    Cars & Coffee 8/28/2010

    Didnt go to car show for a while, couple interesting car showed up this weekend :D
  3. tedb43o2o3

    No 56k: Cars & Coffee 3/14/2010 Reventon finally showed up

    This morning was great! Thanks to the club "Luxury 4 play" filled out the whole parking lot with rare exotic (including the Reventon) :P:P:P:P they are seriously rich. That Reventon was sold for 1.7 million $USD...kinda a lot. (Me and my friend's bike :P:P:P its nothing compare to those Ducati...
  4. tedb43o2o3

    No 56k: Cars & Coffee 11/21/09 (Lexus LFA Prototype)

    The source stated the LFA will attend cars and coffee this morning, and it did :) prototype :D:D
  5. tedb43o2o3

    No 56k: Cars & Coffee 11/7-14 2009

  6. tedb43o2o3

    C&C 8/22/2009

    Back from europe Some car show photos with my new toy D90 :D Hope you guys enjoy it. Dislike the spoiler :(
  7. tedb43o2o3

    No 56k: C&C 6/13/2009

    Friend left his Canon XT at my i took it with me to the car show this morning.... I am very not used to this camera :cry::cry::cry: sry for the low skill of photo shooting....:P lol!
  8. tedb43o2o3

    C&C 4/11-18/2009 [LP670-4 is here!]

    hope you guys enjoy ;)
  9. tedb43o2o3

    Cars & Coffee 3/14-28 (MC12, F40 F50 Enzo, DB6....)

    Too many photos...... Heres the links to all my C&C pix Password : finalgear Thanks guys Driver is kids!!!!
  10. tedb43o2o3

    No 56k: Cars & Coffee 2/28/2009 (Car of the week: AMV8 N400)

    AGAIN....nothing special to me :P:P:P but the AMVA Nurburgring version just gorgeous!!!! Hope you guys enjoy the photos....with my crappy candy cam :P o.O W00t.....AMV8 N400 Nurburgring version!!!!! Sexy....
  11. tedb43o2o3

    Cars & Coffee 1/31/2009 NSX Day

    Today....lots of people....took me 20 minutes to find a parking spot....but once again, no "special car" show up :P:P:P:P:P:P LED eyelid...... gross... got turbo? got NSX?
  12. tedb43o2o3

    Cars & Coffee 12/27/2008 Last show of 2008

    nothing special actually.....>.< cant catch it....
  13. tedb43o2o3

    No 56k: Cars & Coffee 12/13/2008

    The driver is Chinese...because that's Taiwanese singer ???'s CD albu :blink::blink: Also he own a Lambo Diablo, from couple weeks picture its the same Ferrari baby seat in the Lambo WOW, this is amazing.....
  14. tedb43o2o3

    No 56k: Cars & Coffee 12/7/2008 (First time using high Digital camera)

    My friend left his professional digital camera in my car, so I tried to play with it in the car show.... New Mustang~not bad I like this picture =D Too many pictures i know :P
  15. tedb43o2o3

    Cars & Coffee 1/1/2008

    i was too lazy to take everything out from my camera :P:P I think GTR looks tight in white American muscles 360CS in black Lamborghini versace...only one black color in the world?? flat black CLS.... A Ferrari babysit in a Lamborghini Diablo =D I think those colors doesnt looks good...
  16. tedb43o2o3

    No 56k: Cars & Coffee 7/26/2008 (Lambo day, including LP560-4, Veyron, Gumpert, Fisker ,GTR)

    Cars & Coffee 7/26/2008 (Lambo day, including LP560-4, Veyron, Gumpert, Fisker ,GTR) Today was AWESOME, Lamborghini meeting, but surprisingly the blue Veyron show up, and the rare Fisker, and the super rare Gumpert Apollo!!! What car is this....= = And idea...kinda...
  17. tedb43o2o3

    My 2005 Toyota 4Runner SR5

    This was my parents car. But now is mine because they said they wont buy me a new car in like 5 years or more. Its got a 4.0 V6 VVT-I engine, 236 bhp (I guess) and 2WD, made in Japan. I might do some upgrade, so far I only change my head light to 8000k HID. Everything of this car is fine so far...
  18. tedb43o2o3

    Cars & Coffee 7/12/2008 (Porsche Marque, GTR R35, Scuderia, DBS...)

    Today was quite good, many cars show up!! No idea what car is this...... hope you guys enjoy~
  19. tedb43o2o3

    Irvine C&C 6/28/2008 (Mini Day) 56k warning

    Today is mini meeting day....funny thing is I didnt take any pictures of them...maybe I forgot :P. Hope you guys enjoy. This one is not my picture, I found it on C&C forum, there was lots of minis... This is awesome.... Here come some nasty 350z