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  1. Tzarrim

    [24x04] March 26th 2017

    No thread yet so I'll start one. Does anyone know what the music is at 56:08?
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    Anyone have an idea what this is from? (possible spoiler)

    The stig ON a Koenigseggggegeggegegeg.
  4. Tzarrim

    Hammond, a pink Lamborghini and a little girl

    Found this on some site, no idea if it's been posted before but figured couldn't hurt to post it again.
  5. Tzarrim

    Best SIARPC ever?

    SIARPC generally isn't of much interest to me, it's something extra and not much more but some of them are really good, very interesting or simply funny. To me the best one ever is Joanna Lumley, partly because she's amazing, funny and has a really positive attitude and also because she's...
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    Any info on what this is about?

    Haven't found a thread on it yet and ran into that picture somewhere, anyone know the how&what?
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    I know it sounds pretentious but I have this weird feeling that if TG would have made that Saab bit 2 years ago they'd still be around now, making niche cars for people who care for what they have to offer. All they needed was some proper marketing other than "it's a plane lol", showcasing what...
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    Surely I can't be the only one

    That went "Damn, Stig really went places".
  9. Tzarrim

    Compile your own best TG to actually be worth a 10

    I'm always amazed at how people rate TG episodes, there's a lot of people who give them 9's and 10's while the shows were decent at best or actually rather average (or as in 14x4's case; poor). I probably won't make friends with this but I'm going to state it partly has to do with the whole...
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    Looking for footage on a specific old DTM race

    Hey folks, Long time ago (15 years?) saw a DTM race which had everything a race should have; it was the decider on who could become the champion, it had a very cool track (think it was Berlin street circuit, but memory fails me a bit). You had two sides back then (Alfa and Mercedes), lots of...