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    Ringmeet 2019 - photo/video thread

    Ok, let's get this thing rolling. I don't have to go through my photos, and I don't actually have that many anyway. But here's a video of my Octavia lap. :D Instructions by @loose_unit 👍<3 Would be nice if people posted pics that we can see here, and not just thumbnails, it's a pita to click...
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    FG Balkan Roadtrip 2018 - Release your inner Slav!

    Ok, so let's get this started. A roadtrip some 3 years i the making, so I better not fuck it up! :D I'll make this short, for now, so people can get their stuff organized around the dates. There's still a matter of how long this should be, 10 days or less. I guess you westerners want to make...
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    FINALGEAR TOY CAR WORLD TOUR Pt.2 - Zastava 101 Edition

    So, new car, new world tour! The car in question, as most of you know, is a replica of the Finalgear Zastava 101. Since the toy car, as well as the original, came from Croatia, I took the liberty of starting it's journey, and took it on vacation! :D It went to Zadar a bit, saw the sunset and...
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    Ownership Verified: 47 buys a young Czech girl from the internet...2014 ?koda Octavia

    So after many moons of thoughs and wants, we decided to buy this girl Love that face Nice backside too Plenty of space in the back, not that I personally use it though, hehe proof pic, didn't feel like getting a pen and paper We're hoarding ?kodas! Here she is with her older...
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    Anybody want a shirt? - Merch discussion for Ringmeet #10

    As to not clog up the Ringmeet thread, we'll discuss potential shirt and caps ideas in this thread. SHIRTS So, the idea is to have a single shirt design available to commemorate the 10th Ringmeet. You can leave your potential ideas and if you're up to it, designs, for the shirts here. But, I'd...
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    Movie: Captain America: Civil War I'd like to think I can keep my cool about this, but OMG, IT LOOKS AMAZING!!!:blink: :mrgreen: Seriously though, the trailer is great, I don't think the movie will be any different, hopefully. Winter Soldier was one of the best in the MCU, this will...
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    One more bike thread - my 2008 Kawasaki ER6n

    So, I've had this bike for the last 6 years, thought it was maybe time to make a thread, since everyone's got one, hehe So I'll just post some photos of the bike through the years. 2008 Kawasaki ER6n 650cc - 72bhp Custom seat Aftermarket handlebar Top and side cases Everything else is stock...
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    Movie: MARVEL's Guardians of the Galaxy

    The first trailer is out and it looks good! One more Marvel comic book movie, funny, action packed, should be good!
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    PC won't start, but fans work

    Ok, so this is the situation I bought a new PC last weekend, not assembled. A friend did that for me on Sunday. Only issue we had then was in one instance thePC wouldn't start when in the upright position. As soon as we layed it down it started. After a few times moving it up-down, the...
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    What if famous logos were in Comic Sans?

    I don't really hate CS that much, what dou you guys think? :mrgreen:
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    Movie: Thor: The Dark World

    First trailer
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    Concept One - electric supercar

    Presented at the Frankfurt Auto show, the first Croatian supercar, and electric at that. Some interesting numbers too.
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    New Nikon dSLR + some lenses

    Source and more text: So, they just keep making them smaller and smaller! :D
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    renault's new colors

    But just for the GB GP. They are celebrating 30 years of the first turbo engine powered f1 car. And it first drove on Silverstone. Me thinks it looks good, way better then now
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    Men's Handball World Championship 2007, Germany

    I'm a litlle surprised nobody mentioned this. Is anybody even watching that? I actually opened this to brag:D Anyway, tha WC is already in the quarterfinals. The only team that was undefeated in the whole championchip is Croatia, yaaay:) Hope they'll keep on winning, tonight against France...