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  1. gt1750

    Ownership Verified: gt1750's Alfa 156 V6

    So here comes (finally!) the thread for the Alfa 156 I bought almost two months ago. I was searching for a second car since last summer, criteria were: slightly sporty feel, 5 or more cylinders, 4 useable seats, must appeal to my wife, price 5-6k Euro tops. Alfas were obviously high on the list...
  2. gt1750

    Unveiled: Ferrari J50

    First, some letters: Original article: And now, the pics: And a video: :jawdrop: It's bloody gorgeous and IMHO the most beautiful thing that came from Maranello...
  3. gt1750

    Unveiled: 2017 Porsche Panamera

    Unveiled in leaked pics as of yet, the official presentation is due next week. Despite the image quality, the significant design improvements are noticeable :)
  4. gt1750

    Seeing (mostly) red: Museo Storico Alfa Romeo

    As a part of our extended weekend holiday at Lake Como, we took a trip to Arese to the Museum of Alfa Romeo :) The building itself and the surroundings look pretty disappointing IMHO, so I didn't even bother trying to take a pic of my own Alfa there as I originally intended :( Inside is...
  5. gt1750

    IAA Frankfurt a. M., September 17-27

    One of the biggest and most important autoshows in the world starts soon. Official homepage with infos & stuff: Any forum members planning a visit? We could set a specific date and go together - I think it's more enjoyable to look at and discuss new cars together in a...
  6. gt1750

    Ciao Italia - Italian Car Event at Oldtimerfabrik Neu-Ulm

    What to do on a sunny Sunday with your family and your wife's parents? Take them to a classic car event of course! :D We've actually managed to do two events that day, but the second one was rather small and contained mostly cars that we've already seen before/. So no photos from that one...
  7. gt1750

    Ownership Verified: gt1750's 1750 [Alfa 159 SW TI Edition]

    So this is the car I got from a certain VW dealer in Munich after cancelling the Seat Leon ST FR order. I've always wanted a 159 and when this one popped up (with no photos - dealer sent me those after request), i knew I have to have it. She's an Alfa Romeo 159 1750 TBi TI, built in March...
  8. gt1750

    Oldtimertreffen Senden - June 21st 2015

    I stumbled upon some posters promoting a nearby event and decided to go there to see what interesting things do the locals drive. It resulted in a nice Sunday family time in the company of nice motors, good food and rather crappy German music performed by a single elderly guy. There was a...
  9. gt1750

    Game: LEGO Worlds

    Pretty much out of nowhere, here comes somewhat-Minecraft-like game that looks like a ton of fun :) It is not an exact clone of MC, there seems to be no survival or mining, however you can do a lot of cool stuff anyway and destroy/modify/ride just about anything you see. You can already build a...
  10. gt1750

    Unveiled: Carozzeria Touring Berlinetta Lusso

    The prettiest Ferrari of recent times that is actually not a Ferrari (note the lack of prancing horses). Classy, understated, with carefully weighed proportions and beautifully sculpted surfaces, all painted in a lovely shade of blue. I am genuinely in love. One that is destined to be platonic...
  11. gt1750

    Local Motors Sports Car Challenge

    Local Motors have yet another challenge up and running. This time they asked for a lightweight RWD 2-seater with minimum bodywork, that's gonna be powered by a turbo four or later (optionally) by a 5.0 V8. Now the challenge is in the...
  12. gt1750

    Unveiled: Possibly The Fugliest Car Of Recent Times - Toyota FCV

    Some of you might remember the Toyota FCV Concept from the last year's Tokyo Motor Show. I certainly do, even though I have been trying intesively to forget about it - I think it was one of the worst designs ever presented by a car manufacturer. It had bad proportions, pointless graphics an...
  13. gt1750

    LCW 2014 - US Cars Meet at Kemp Konopac

    On Saturday, after I sold the Alfa, I went to a big American car meet called Lucky Cruisers Weekend to meet a friend and check out a van he helped restoring. The weather was sunny with no clouds in sight and you could see a lot of different cars from different eras (almost 550 registered cars in...
  14. gt1750

    Unveiled: Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 Roadster (NSFW material inside)

    First, a little blah blah: And now, the pics. Prepare your tissues: The want is strong with this one. I'll be in my bunk.
  15. gt1750

    Concept: Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo a.k.a. That's how it should have looked from the start

    Just a concept, but everybody knows how this works ;) I like it very much and I hope it completely replaces the original hunchback.
  16. gt1750

    Game: Black Mesa (Half-Life Remake)

    I'll take the liberty of skipping the introductions and jump straight to the news: The most anticipated mod of all times now has a release date for the first part: September 14th, 2012 Info, media and stuff: I am so hyped for this, let's hope it delivers and...
  17. gt1750

    Ownership Verified: Gt1750's Daily Driver Alfa

    So finally, this is it. My first own car :D It's a 2003 Alfa Romeo Sportwagon 2,4 JTDm - which means it has a 5-cylinder turbodiesel that sends (most of) its 129 kW (175 HP) and 385 Nm to the front wheels via a 6-speed manual. The car had done 177074 km when I bought it and it had 4 owners. I...
  18. gt1750

    No 56k: Classic Mercs Exhibition At A Local Dealership

    I like old Mercs so when I've seen this event advertised, I knew I had to be there. I was expecting just a few vehicles to be displayed inside the dealership, but I was pleasantly surprised when I got there. Apart from not having any of the famous racers, there was quite a lot to look at. My...
  19. gt1750

    Classic And Sports Cars At Brno 2010

    A week ago, me, my girlfriend and her friend went to Autotec Brno. This event is usually all about trucks & professional vehicles and it takes place every even year, altering with Autosalon Brno. Due to the ongoing economical recession and lack of exhibitor interest, the promoters decided to...
  20. gt1750

    Autoblog: Alfa Romeo Pandion by Bertone

    Ladies and gentlemen, I present you the coolest automotive concept of recent times: Image sources: Jalopnik,