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  1. McLightning95

    Some help with a B&W picture of my grandmother, please :)

    My grandmothers 88th birthday is coming up and I am trying to clean up a picture of her from 1945. My Photoshop skills are failing me (not that I have many to begin with :P) and I can't manage to get it to look good at all. Here is the picture and here is a link to the full size scan. My...
  2. McLightning95

    My very own TARDIS!

    As most of my friends have no idea what Doctor Who is, I thought I would share this with you all as I suspect some of you might appreciate this a bit more than they did. For my ceramics class we had to make a box with a lid, those where the only requirements. So what did I do? Made a TARDIS of...
  3. McLightning95

    Clutch Not Engaging ? Uh Oh

    I was driving home from class today and had to stop on a small hill, no big deal. So I put it in first and started to back off on the clutch to get it right before it grabs, except the pedal kept going?. and not engaging. Anyways, light turns green, foot off clutch, on gas?and we rev to 7k...
  4. McLightning95

    Tire Question - Uh Oh

    I got home today and saw this on my left front tire. I am assuming that I need to replace it soon, but how much of an emergency is it? Can I drive to work tonight? :unsure: