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  1. MWF

    Holden axed in Australia.

    They already sold Vauxhall/Opel to PSA (Peugeot Citroen) a while back.
  2. MWF

    Random Thoughts....

    Painting balustrades is really boring. And this is the first coat out of a total of four.
  3. MWF

    Last movie you saw?

    In some ways I agree with you but I also think that in some way it's a bit of harmless turn off your brain escapism.
  4. MWF

    What's your automotive guilty pleasure?

    Tram just reminded me... Maserati 3200GT, as long as it's the version with the boomerang style rear lights.
  5. MWF

    What's your automotive guilty pleasure?

    Actually, Dan, in the UK it is pretty niche. They are a rare sight at classic car meets here which tend to be full of MGs and E-Types.
  6. MWF

    Ownership Verified: The wait was long enough: leviathan's Tesla Model 3 Performance

    You guys might then also be interested in this...
  7. MWF

    Ownership Verified: The Electric Banana - 2012 Jeep Patriot

    It means dung or manure. Also "Damn!".
  8. MWF

    What's your automotive guilty pleasure?

    This is pretty much mine. A black DS23 Pallas would be my dream classic.
  9. MWF

    Bond 25 - "No Time To Die" - due for release April 2020

    On the subject of "nearly" Bond themes, while Stormbreaker may have been pretty lame and aimed at teenagers, the theme was certainly better than a many of the official efforts over the years.
  10. MWF

    Ownership Verified: The Electric Banana - 2012 Jeep Patriot

    That's not a flying banana. This is a flying banana...
  11. MWF

    Show us your Lego!

    Lego BMW M1 needs another 4000 votes to be considered for production...
  12. MWF

    Unverified Ownership Dream Car as Barn Find: Opel Manta A '71

    I sincerely hope you can save this one. Best of luck.
  13. MWF

    Brexit Meat 2020 (Vegan Options Available) - June 15-22

    Not at his age. He is permitted one cider, with a meal.
  14. MWF

    Today I Learnt...

    TIL that Mitsubishi made a limited run of 2500 Exo IX models in wagon guise.
  15. MWF

    Brexit Meat 2020 (Vegan Options Available) - June 15-22

    Great news! Junior's last exam if Friday, June 12th. He will therefore be free to join in with any shenanigans without any adverse effect on his studies.
  16. MWF

    Ownership Verified: The horse has bolted. Meet the Pferdchen!

    Being driven by 47 wearing a rubber horse's head....
  17. MWF

    What's your latest [non-technology] purchase?

    Also treated HWF3.0 and I to a trip to the Chichester Festival Theatre last night to see the Olivier Award winning touring production of A Monster Calls. Utterly brilliant. I never got around to watching the movie version, but it's one hell of a story, kicked us both right in the feels and...
  18. MWF

    Random Thoughts....

    You should be refunded the full amount, including any shipping and customs charges.
  19. MWF

    What's your latest [non-technology] purchase?

    One for me, one for Junior.... Commission by me, realisation by Matt2000. Link disappears soon due to use of a Getty image. If you get it and want one then order now.
  20. MWF

    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    British slang expression, possibly Irish or Scots in origin, referring to a howling gale or a long period of high winds, usually but not always accompanied by squalling rain. Comes from the word "hooligan" because of the damage it causes to trees and property. I should have spelled it "hoolie".