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  1. tranceporter

    tranceporter's 2007 Honda S2000

    haven't posted in a while. my gti and 240 are long gone and here's my new toy :mrgreen: i also have a 1995 jeep grand cherokee daily but i don't think that needs a thread :P don't mind the compressed fb images and mess of iphone & camera pics bye bye gti her first trip to wawa :lol: her...
  2. tranceporter

    JDM Goodness

    some snaps i took at my buddy's shop yesterday. the cars were dirty and wet from the rain as this was just an impromptu shoot enjoy 1 2 3 4 5 6 some more on my blog:
  3. tranceporter

    Trance Mixset for Download

    here's another live set i mixed available for download. it's a fusion of progressive house and trance, hope i kept the theme well enjoy! :mrgreen: link: track list Praise You - Fedde Le Grand (Fatboy Slim vs Fedde Le Grand Remix) The...
  4. tranceporter

    So.. Jezza Pisses off Romania

  5. tranceporter

    Some shots of the cars in my car club

    wasn't really sure which section to post this in but here are some of the cars from my car club at my friend's shop nissan pulsar gti-r, nissan r32 gt-r, mitsubishi evo vii, and mazda rx-7 efini
  6. tranceporter

    My '92 240sx Hatch Build

    this is my 240sx project car. it'll see some drifting, time attack, road course, auto x and everything i could possibly want to do with a car. this is my first big build so i'm trying to do it right and take my time and use quality parts. i'm shooting for a high quality japanese style build that...
  7. tranceporter

    My Buddy's Nissan R33 GT-R Time Attack Car Build

    my buddy who owns a performance shop is building a time attack nissan r33 gt-r monster. don't mind the pics, they're straight off my camera and only had my macro on me. just wanted to share these 'gasmic parts as they're making their way to the shop. i'll update this thread as the build...
  8. tranceporter

    New Progressive House Set

    playlist & mp3 download here & check out my new music blog > feedback always appreciated enjoy :mrgreen:
  9. tranceporter

    shoot of my buddys evo 7

    buddy just picked this gem up. he wanted me to do a teaser theme shoot since the car needs a little bit of work and is filthy dirty 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
  10. tranceporter

    Witnessed a "Doing-It-Wrong" in person today (pic enclosed)

    while i was getting my tires mounted and balanced i see a guy spraying something on his brakes. i'm looking and noticing his arm is moving around the whole entire brake assembly. at first i thought it was brake cleaner but as soon as he moved out of the way i saw it... idk how I held in my...
  11. tranceporter

    Few Impromptu Shots From Tonight

    my battery died prematurely but i think these came out ok
  12. tranceporter

    religion via facebook

    if this offends you, don't neg rep me and call me an asshole. i don't make this stuff people, i just post it
  13. tranceporter

    Couple Teaser Shots of My Buddy's Pulsar

    my buddy just picked up this gem. really cool little car. going to shoot it tomorrow after he details it c&c welcome on the pics :cool:
  14. tranceporter

    New Trance Set 7-13-09

    new set - fusion of progressive house and trance link: track list Praise You - Fedde Le Grand (Fatboy Slim vs Fedde Le Grand Remix) The Terrace - DJ Ortzy (Dustin Robbins Big Room Mix) Phoenix - Daniel Heatcliff Whatever - Re-Ward & Dr...
  15. tranceporter

    A powerful message from Stevie Wonder on Michael Jackson?s death?

    ....... .. ? ? .. ?.. .. .. . ? . . . . . .. . .. ?. .. .. . ? .. ... ... .. ... ... ... ... .... ...... ... ... ... ..... ..... .. . .. . . ? .. . . . .. ... . ..... ... .... .... ... ...... .... .... .... ...... ..... ..... .. . . .... .... . .. . . . .. . .. . ... ....... ... ... ... .. ...
  16. tranceporter

    Spinning some hardstyle live

    i know this site has a big euro base so tune in if you like hardstyle. i'm recording it as well so i should have it up for download later
  17. tranceporter

    You know you're Italian when...

    your father goes behind the bbq and produces this rather than cheeseburgers and hot dogs and i wouldn't have it any other way :mrgreen:
  18. tranceporter

    Ultimate Sleeper?

    i did a quick search, hope this isnt a repost Citroen 2CV body on a Ferrari 355 chassis
  19. tranceporter

    Proposed Celebrity Challenge

    i think it'd be nuts to see jason statham and clive owen go at it in let's say a bmw 7 series challenge. they both piloted a 7 series in a getaway fashion. statham in the first and only good transporter movie and clive owen in the bmw indie films. what do you guys think?
  20. tranceporter

    Awesome Live Streaming Italian Club Music Channel

    ibiza on tv live stream cool dj interviews and great remixes edit: updated the link so it opens straight in your media player