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    Christmas is coming

    Hello everyone, since its only 1 month to go until Christmas i'd be interested in how you celebrate it where you live, what you eat, etc etc. Here in Germany the main event is on December 24th (Christmas eve), you go to church in the afternoon and after that all the families meet at home and...
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    Lanca Delta HPE

    Its no new Integrale, but I like it. They say its very close to the actual product which will most likely be produced.
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    My trip to PORSCHE

    Hello everyone, I just wanted to share a great experience with you that I had yesterday, a trip to the Porsche Factory in Zuffenhausen (near Stuttgart). I am studying Mechanical Engineering and Economics in Darmstadt at the moment and had the opportunity to do that trip through a student group...
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    Best Interiors

    Looking at pictures of the Audi TT, i got the idea to open a thread about interiors. There is nothing like being in a car that has a great, quality feel to it. Quite recent some manufacturers released cars with the best interiors we ever had (some classic car fans won't agree ;)). Feel free to...
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    VW Concept A

    VW showed a study in Berlin today. It's called the Concept A and a mixture between an SUV and a Coupe. Its equipped with the 1.4l TSI from the Golf GT, here with 150hp. I don't like the type of car, but it's got the looks.
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    Why do americans bother?

    I have surfed these forums for quite a while now and i must say i can't stand these stupid corvette discussions anymore. Why do you care if Jeremy Clarkson likes it or not? If YOU think its the best car in the world (its american, duh-huh) then its fine, but remember that in the rest of the...