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  1. Jmiller

    My Experience Driving the N?rburgring

    A few months back I made a post asking for advice on going to the Ring, well it paid off and here are the results. On a recent trip to Germany I got to go to Automotive Meca, The Nurburgring. It is 13 miles long, and has 73 corners, many off camber. The track elevation changes often, and a...
  2. Jmiller

    German Vacation (Driving on the Ring)

    Question 1 This fall my family is going on a trip to Germany. It ends up working to spend most of the day at the Nurburgring. Unfortunately this will be a Saturday which I know is the busiest day. I have done some reading and it looks like we need to rent a car on the track to be able to...
  3. Jmiller

    New Car Decisions

    It?s time for a new car, my current 2001 Oldsmobile Aurora is just not worth fixing anymore. I am a car guy and looking for some more sport, lots of tech, and some luxury with HID/Xenon headlights. I am mid 20?s, home owner, and single, so this plays into it some I think. I would say 80% of my...
  4. Jmiller

    Verrify Email address

    I cant seem to verified my email address here on Final Gear. The address works and is correct because I get emails when I get a PM but when I go through the screens to have my email verified they never seem to come. I am using gmail and yes I have checked the spam box. Any suggestions?
  5. Jmiller

    Montepulciano, Italy

    This batch of photos is from Montepulciano on of the Italian hill cities. This city is quite famous its wine, and craftsmanship as well as the number of movies that have been made there. Under the Tuscan Sun, Midsummers Night Dream, and the new Twilight movie was being filmed there when I was...
  6. Jmiller

    Siena, Italy

    Part 4 of my Italian summer. I have decided that I am too slow at editing photos and need to speed up. I still have like 1300 to get through. I also adjusted the boarders on this city based off the feedback of the last thread. I am thinking I maybe should put a 1px white boarder on the top...
  7. Jmiller

    Italy - Umbria Region

    This is part 2 of my recent trip to Italy. For this part we were in the Umbria region and surrounding towns. The weather for the most part was terrible with rain and thunderstorms almost the entire time, so we missed going truffle hunting and horse back riding. #1 #2 I had time to kill...
  8. Jmiller

    Am I crazy to think this is going to work?

    Background: For the past few months I have been looking for a combination of 1-2 roommates and a place to live for the upcoming school year. I found an awesome place and had 2 roommates but one backed out at the last minute because her parents didn?t want her to live with 2 guys. I have...
  9. Jmiller

    Italy - Rome in Photos

    This is the first of many posts from my recent vacation. I took over 800 photos in Rome alone. Processing got them down to about 350 and then I had to pick about 100 for a gallery to show family, etc and from that I picked the images below. I have a tone more so if you guys really like...
  10. Jmiller

    Cell Phone in Italy

    My family is going to Italy here in a few weeks. We are renting a car from and they can come with a cell phone. We are thinking that if we get this and drop in a prepaid SIM card it would work well. Or is the phone locked to prevent this? We probably wont need a phone much so...
  11. Jmiller

    B&H has a Canon 1200mm for sale

    Well if I had $120,000 to spend I would be thinking, Used 911TT or ZR1 but you could always grab one of these
  12. Jmiller

    Travel Kit Help for Italy

    I am a college student and my family is taking a vacation this summer to Italy for a couple of weeks. I have been contemplating buying a new lens for a while but could not really justify it and this sounds like a good reason. I am kind of trying to save money for a couple of big purchase this...
  13. Jmiller

    Help with Renting a car in Italy

    My family and I are traveling to Italy this summer and are planning on renting a car. We fly into Rome and have been told not to drive in Rome because its just too crazy. We are heading north east and have been told Spoleto is a good place to rent a car, However when checking they only have...
  14. Jmiller

    Earthquake hits Italy (6.3) I hope all our Italian Final Gear members are ok.
  15. Jmiller

    Irish/Celtic Music suggestions

    I messed up and need FinalGear to help bail me out. I have a friend who is leaving for Ireland next week. She had up on her wall some thing about it so I responded saying that she should come over and get some music before she leaves. I made some joke about not having any celtic music but I...
  16. Jmiller

    STI Living Room redecorating?

    I saw this on another board and this was just too good not to post. The OP says it was a bet And I guess the problem is now that the car is stuck and they dont want to scratch it. LOL
  17. Jmiller

    ATTN Italians, Help me plan my holiday in Italy

    Please help plan our vacation, my family has tickets to go to Italy this summer for just under 3 weeks. We are going in late May early June. We will be flying into Rome and then hopefully going North, West, than south back to Rome where we fly out of. My family consists of my parents who are...
  18. Jmiller

    Eric Stromer flips his Camry Hybrid

    Writing about cars for a living is a great gig, but as we're sporadically reminded, not without its occasional dangers. Few know that as well as the guys on BBC's Top Gear, where Richard Hammond miraculously recovered from a spectacular 280+ mph jet-powered dragster crash and Clarkson was...
  19. Jmiller

    Audi R8 GT3 Racer

    And now for the visual sex Now I am gonna do a rasterbation of one of these images to hang on my dorm room wall. Which one should I do. I am thinking of #1 or #4
  20. Jmiller

    Mini3 Headphone Amp Build (Pics)

    I got done with my Mini3 Headphone Amp build today and I though I would show off a few pictures of it. I still need to get a NiHM battery that fits inside and a better interconnect cable. The amp is still burning in but so far I am very happy with it.