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    How Hard Can It Be...

    This would never work for a simple reason - The Stig is now a brand name worth many millions. If they retire Stig they lose all that revenue, even if they don't get much of it now since the show isn't popular.
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    So exposing yourself and sexual assault is fine, hitting someone is not?

    Well I'm American and there is nothing even close to the BBC, it is indisputably the best in the world at what they do. Even if you forget their news coverage and the fact that its been a world standard, just their documentaries alone and the quality and effort put all of US Tv to shame. And all...
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    So exposing yourself and sexual assault is fine, hitting someone is not?

    This confirms Jeremy was fired due to personal agendas - not condoning what he did, but the Beeb clearly has very high tolerance for what's acceptable at work, and a one time physical assault, details of which are still not public, in somewhat mitigating circumstances (the day after he's told he...
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    So exposing yourself and sexual assault is fine, hitting someone is not?

    Evans has admitted he used to expose himself to coworkers, he boasts about it, apparently its 'funny'. He's also being investigated for rape charges. But the BBC come out and say they will stand behind him :mad: Does anyone think this wasn't a factor in forcing Chris out? He clearly didn't...
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    Chris Evans quits the show

    The thing which separates TG from the Youtube channels is their enormous budget and the editing quality which doesn't seem to have gone down even with Wilman gone. If we just have hot cars in exotic locales with a bit of humour and some challenges/races, I'll be happy. It will never be same as...
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    Chris Evans quits the show

    Quits or Fired? Sounds more like he was given an ultimatum and no choice but to step down. Where's all his FACT gloating now ??
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    The show can still be saved

    Can't compare to the old TG reboot. They literally started from scratch with a brand new format. This time they inherit the world's largest tv show with a fanatical fan base and a format thats been tested for a decade. The brand recognition of TG is insanely high. It takes a special kind of...
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    The whole incident with Clarkson could've been avoided

    All they needed to do was hire Chris Evans to hang around the set. Because he has the most punchable face, yes, in the woorllddd, no one else would ever be in danger of getting assaulted :D FACT.
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    [23x05] June 26th, 2016

    - Norman Dewis had to suffer that idiot shouting in his year, should've used his stick to shut him up - Could Evans be more wrong about Rolls? I can imagine May ripping him apart - Chris Harris trying to be Clarkson doesn't work. His test was stupid, stick to giving us good car reviews. -...
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    Matt threatens to leave if Chris doesn't Not the first time we've heard that Evans is a pain to work with. Does anyone like him? The viewers hate him, his co presenters hate him and...
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    [23x04] June 19th, 2016

    I feel cheated by the road trip - they cut the scenes of the 3 showing up with their cars and talking about them then setting off on a challenge. Saving time for the stupid SIARCC even in the longer show :mad: And I'm amazed - Evans is not shouting in the car! So he CAN talk normally. Is that...
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    [23x04] June 19th, 2016

    Here's the difference between old and new TG - Hamster, May and esp Clarkson would've talked about the stupid steering wheel on the Vulcan, but even though Chris Harris is a good car reviewer that's all he is doing. The 3 old blokes would've given their personal opinions and not been afraid to...
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    My Biggest Issue With New Top Gear

    Yes I know he's been conducting interviews since forever, but you wouldn't think so based on what he does on TG. He really is shit. I think he's uncomfortable in front of a camera and just can't do his job. That's why everyone on the set reports it takes him many many takes to film his...
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    My Biggest Issue With New Top Gear

    Clarkson actually has opinions and he's intelligent, he's a very good interviewer. Evans is .... I don't know what he is because he has no personality, character or seemingly any thoughts. This is why 90% of his SIARPC segment depends on input from guests or audience because he has nothing to...
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    The show can still be saved

    Agreed, I'm in the US, the last thing I want to see on TG is same old American movie/tv celebrities most of whom are far less intelligent and interesting than their British counterparts. I wouldn't mind getting rid of MLB too.
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    The show can still be saved

    After ep3, its become very clear what they need to do if this show is to survive. Fire Evans - he is just unlikable, can't talk, can't present, knows nothing about cars and brings nothing to the show Get rid of Sabine - she can be a guest a few times The main show should be Rory, Harris and...
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    [23x03] June 12th, 2016

    Its amazing how much better Rory and Harris are than CE - but then again a random audience member would be better so that isn't saying much. Less Evans = better show, its really that simple.
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    What was your favorite epic race?

    Verbier race seemed genuinely tat close, and not scripted. Love the bit when Hamster and May are in the bus on the last leg and he says Jezza is out there right behind them, and he was !!
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    The final shot

    I really hope its Jeremy saying 'back to the studio' for one final time :( Will be a fitting end to a great show.
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    [22x09] March 22nd, 2015

    There's no way to watch the 3 final episodes is there? BBC is going to air an edited special but the original episodes are not anywhere are they?