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    Fifth Gear, or the Top Gear Alternatives?

    I know I'm comparing two shows, and it's beating a dead horse, but there has been a buildup of TG shows popping up across the world. If you had a choice, would you continue watching Fifth Gear, or only watch the non-UK TG?
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    Fifth Gear will be back on your screens Monday 8th June 2009 yea
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    The Best of Tiff

    I figured i'd start a thread to chronicle the best segments (based on youtube and other vid sites) of Tiff Needell. Here are my favorite reviews: BMW M5 BMW M3 Ferrari F430 Spider...
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    Oh... My... G.... OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MYYYYYYYYYYYYYY tits just for people who don't know, Christina Aguilera just gave birth to a baby boy. she used to be... almost flat.
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    Expectations for Season 12 (beware of spoilers)

    What are your expectations for season 12? I'm hoping that this will be as good as season 8 (or was it 9?). It seems packed with a lot of adrenaline bits. Fifth gear is starting to pick up the viewer suggestions now, yay.
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    Car in a ditch. HAHA

    Excuse if it's a double post. haha
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    Can we start a petition for fifth gear?

    wow. i've been watching fifth gear for a while, and I know there are some killer reviews (The Famous F430 review, Porsche/BMW roadster review with tiff and jason, Ford GT review, etc.). But, this current series just looks like... there's no hope for those things. Maybe when Jason PLato comes...
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    IRC block by colleges

    It sucks that colleges block IRC. Oh well. Are there any work arounds to get to the finalgear server? There aren't any alternative adresses to connect to the finalgear server, huh? i thought i'd give it a shot to ask, haha. I miss going on that irc
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    So whats this IRC monitor thing

    need a bit of explaining, heheh So far our IP is logged, but what effects will be from that?