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    Top Gear Lego

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    Series 22?

    On Belgium television they have just shown the Porsche 918 review. At the end of that review, Clarkson and May said they will try to televise a race/test between the 918 and McLaren P1 by the end of this year and I quote "somewhere between June, July". So how far are they in that process? It...
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    Christmas special this year?

    Does anyone know if there will be a christmas special this year (and on time)? Thanks in advance :)
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    JC car columns

    Tomorrow I will be leaving for a holiday and I want something to read at the pool or on the plane. I personally think that Jeremy Clarkson car reviews in the sunday news papers are the best. Does someone have a clue where I can find them (all in one) on the internet so I can see them in my...
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    Did you know ...

    Did you know the reason why James May was sacked from Autocar magazine? This is the reason : That's brilliant! :D And I thought that we maybe can make a thread about little unknown facts from the presentors ... Anybody else have some funny things about the guys?
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    The Guess-The-Episode-Game

    I have a little idea for the top gear fans. It's a game where you have to guess which episode the picture comes from. If nobody likes this, than the mods can delete this but maybe some people will like it An example : This is from season 15 - episode 7 where they all brought 3 cars to go to...