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  1. VR6

    Windows entertainment pack

    Anyone know where I can download this? Preferably not a torrent. If anyone doesn't know what this is, it's a classic windows games pack with awesome titles like snake, sinksub, chips challenge, jezzball, and other awesome games. Thanks all
  2. VR6

    Traveling, places to race?

    I'm going on a 4 month journey through vietnam, cambodia, laos, malaysia, and thailand. Does anyone know if there are places where one can go and have a track day? Money is a factor but not a huge one. That's about it, can this be done and if it can be I shall document it. Doesn't matter what...
  3. VR6

    TV tuner card?

    I found one other thread on this but it was from early 07 so I decided to make a new one I was wondering what the cheapest tv tuner card is, I just wanna watch regular tv on my computer, no HD. I don't even wanna record. So what's my best option and where should I look?
  4. VR6

    Utorrent wont connect to seeders

    I'm currently downloading the top gear pack of seasons 1-12 and I am connected to over 50 peers but 0 of 162 seeds, whats up with that? I have the green circle at the bottom.
  5. VR6

    2004 Sentra Spec-V

    Here it is, the new (to me) whip. I sold my mazdaspeed becuase well as fun as it was, I have other hobbies than driving which necessitated a trunk and a real roof. When I bought it, it was completely stock, immediatly I changed out the header, pre-cat issues if anyone knows about the qr25...
  6. VR6

    Buying a car for 7k cash, calgary alberta

    I got a friend who is looking to spend 7 to 8 max on a car, he told me today he wants a 2.0L 200 jetta I told him please no, now he wants other suggestions. What would you all get, it's just a car for getting to work and around town so nothing fancy, should be manual transmission preferably...
  7. VR6

    I think I may have just grown up.

    Well I indeed think I may have just grown up. I just browsed autotrader looking at mazda 3 and 6 wagons, imagining how great owning one would be how I could drive more than one passenger, how It would be quiet inside, heated seats would keep me warm, I wouldn't have to yell to talk to my...
  8. VR6

    Canadian coalition government

    My 2 cents is this is just aweful! jack layton is an economic idiot and stephan dion can not possibly become the deputy prime minister. I'm just so irate right now, i've been watching the news all day and this s**t is just rediculous, anyone else care to weigh in?
  9. VR6

    variable isolation (math)

    (f/r)=sqrt((1+B)/(1-B)) can anyone isolate for B? sqrt= square root and (f/r) is just a ratio that isn't all that important. thanks.
  10. VR6

    Double DIN car decks

    Anyone have any reccomendations? I don't want to spend a ton, like around or under 500 and it should have GPS. So far I have found these three A Pioneer AVIC-D3...
  11. VR6

    Worth the $13,000?

    First some background information, my dad has a 2006 330xi with 35,000k on the clock. He has been having problems with the electrics since about 10,000k, BMW has dealt with these problems without hesitation. Now the delaership told him it they can fix it for good but the car will be gone for a...
  12. VR6

    04 Mazdaspeed MX-5

    Hey, I don't post here too often but when I'm this excited I just have to. I picked up a 2004 mazdaspeed miata yesterday, the kid that used to own it actually lives about a minute walk from my house. The funny thing is he traded the car into a pontiac dealership about six months ago. The...
  13. VR6

    Trading in my car?

    At a dealship around my place they have a mazdaspeed miata for 17k that intrests me greatly. The only thing is that the trade in value for my car now is worth more then the miata. so my question is has anyone ever done this or know what the deal is? I'll be checkin it out on monday, just wanted...
  14. VR6

    VR6 is back with new wheels

    It's been a whille since my last post but I thought this would be worth while. When my grandpa passed away he left me his 2006 pontiac G6 GTP. It's an auto which is a little dissapointing but to be given such a nice car I could care less. Some rough specs FWD 3.9 OHV V6 240 hp and 240 lb-ft 4...
  15. VR6

    Got a PSP, good games?

    Gots me a psp, Can anyone reccomend and good games? I find I like RPG and racing games most but im open to anything.
  16. VR6 legit? Smokin deals on some hot japanese RHD cars but what would I be getting myself into? That one in particular, four doors, lots of power and only 76k for only 6500, I hope I'm not dreaming.
  17. VR6

    Slowest car on the Forum?

    Alright as some of you may have noticed, I drive a 2000 jeep TJ. yes it has the 2.5 litre 4 cylinder which in its prime developed a massive 140 lb-ft @ 3500 rpm and 120 hp @ 5400 rpm. Remember this huge yet gutless engine has to lug around about 3073 pounds giving us 25.6 pounds per horsepower...
  18. VR6

    heel toe or toe heel?

    When you guys/gals do this is it heel on brake toe on gas or toe brake heel gas?
  19. VR6

    Dropped M5 segement?

    I just saw this video of the M5 being reviewed by Jeremy on google video and well its much different from the one that made the show. Is this from a different show or just a dropped segment?
  20. VR6

    Anyone ever tried linux conversion on iPod?

    I got linux loaded up fine but is anyone familiar with the program that converts movies to put on ipod nanos, Mopid? I use the program to convert the video files but i can't find where its putting the file. anyone know where it defaults them to, or a way to find them. Also anyone that read my...