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  1. Quake

    Top Gear coming to Qu?bec (Canada's french province)

    It's official, Quebecers will be able to enjoy Top Gear in French (Sorry to burst your bubble, but it's not a Qu?bec version, it the British one). A Google translation for...
  2. Quake

    Law and Order Uk... Great show

    I've watched an episode of Law and Order UK and I have to say that I'm impressed, great quality. And for some reason, I seem to like it better. Perhaps it's because I'm Canadian.
  3. Quake

    Canadian politics: Funny Liberal ad about the culture

    The liberal released a funny Here's a funny ad talking about the culture budget cuts the Conservatives are willing to make. EDIT: Sorry. I thought it was a liberal ad but it wasn't, here's where I found the video Here's the long ad version, the...
  4. Quake

    Canada joining the European union?

    Well well, looks like Canada will be joining the European Union pretty soon. Don't have time to voice my opinion but I think it makes sense. Canada needs to diversify trader partners and not be dependant on NAFTA. And well, Canada is more in line with European ideology than with the US...