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  1. Gabkicks

    APB All Points Bulletin MMO

    This game's lots of fun w/ friends. I'm in the beta. there's plenty of vids online but cus of NDA, i can't post anything. If anyone else is in the Beta, pm me. :)
  2. Gabkicks

    Portal Is FREE! :D
  3. Gabkicks

    MechWarrior: LIving Legends Beta on 26th?!?!

    The beta is supposed to be released today. It requires crysis to be installed. Hopefully it comes out for real this time and isnt delayed for another year. :cool: lNFeE8mIlxQ
  4. Gabkicks

    Section 8: Beta is accepting! It's available on pc and Xbox360. It uses the unreal engine, so it looks pretty good while not bringing my system to its knees. Anyone else here in the Beta? The game's pretty fun, once you get used to it.
  5. Gabkicks

    America's Army 3 (Avaliable for Preload Now!)
  6. Gabkicks

    Garage 419 and this website?

    What's the relationship between garage 419 and this website? i just saw the finalgear logo in a recent garage 419 video on youtube
  7. Gabkicks

    An Interesting Testpatch For LFS

    Finally, :D
  8. Gabkicks

    Historic GT and Touring Car Mod has been released. :thumbup: I recommend installing rFactor lite. and then installing this mod onto that. when installing, you must have a gt legends cd in the cdrom drive. :) Enjoy!
  9. Gabkicks

    me in Cobra 427 @ fuji speedway video

    NsB8GfGX07k check out this vid :) check out the sound. details are on youtube.
  10. Gabkicks

    singtelrace singapore Circuit Simulator free F1 car w/ the singapore GP track. it uses the Netkar Pro 1.03xxx engine. 3fg53nAG0Is vid of the game and preview of the real life track? UFmAxesgmSc 1 car, 1 track. it uses the newer netkar 1.03...
  11. Gabkicks

    F1 1979 (lock to lock?)

    anyone know the steering wheel lock to lock of 1979 f1 cars like the Ferrari T4 or others?
  12. Gabkicks

    Headset microphone not working :(

    my headset microphone suddenly stopped working a few weeks ago. i tried a different soundcard, and still nothing. :( tried a different headset, and nothing. -i ran the voice hardware test, and no microphone is detected. (playback bar is grayed out) if i pug and unplug the mic from the headset...
  13. Gabkicks

    Race 07 MP Demo Relased

    might as well give it a try... :P
  14. Gabkicks

    Lap Times?

    I was wondering where I can see a list of the lap times that have been set by 5th gear on various tracks and what configs of the tracks they used?
  15. Gabkicks

    Corvette C6 Released (RealFeel FFB mod v0.81) Corvette C6 has been released. They really did a great job. probably my fav car in rfactor. A MUST DOWNLOAD if you have rfactor. The Nurburgring 3.0 should be out soon as well. maybe in 2 weeks or so. its great fun to throw around and...
  16. Gabkicks

    *Incompatible patch (New features) W34

    Some new cool features are added. False starts, better balancing for each class (Adjustable ballast weight, intake restrictors) 32 max cars in race and 48 max people in the server. And more features mentioned below. Test Patch W20
  17. Gabkicks

    Patch u32 (new sounds)

    what do you guys think of the improved sound engine? the cars sound more realistic, but still not violent enough. The f1 cars still dont quite roar enough
  18. Gabkicks

    Setup Req. F08 +Westhill

    does anyone have a good race setup for F08 around westhill? i cant find one anywhere. :(
  19. Gabkicks

    America's Army 2.7 is out!! the co-op is quite alot of fun. :) 9 humans and humvees vs 45 AI and enemy vehicals :D. there are new maps as well. all of them very well made and very team oriented. the javlin and CROW gun on the humvee are alot of fun :)