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    So exposing yourself and sexual assault is fine, hitting someone is not?

    Evans has admitted he used to expose himself to coworkers, he boasts about it, apparently its 'funny'. He's also being investigated for rape charges. But the BBC come out and say they will stand behind him :mad: Does anyone think this wasn't a factor in forcing Chris out? He clearly didn't...
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    The whole incident with Clarkson could've been avoided

    All they needed to do was hire Chris Evans to hang around the set. Because he has the most punchable face, yes, in the woorllddd, no one else would ever be in danger of getting assaulted :D FACT.
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    Matt threatens to leave if Chris doesn't Not the first time we've heard that Evans is a pain to work with. Does anyone like him? The viewers hate him, his co presenters hate him and...
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    The show can still be saved

    After ep3, its become very clear what they need to do if this show is to survive. Fire Evans - he is just unlikable, can't talk, can't present, knows nothing about cars and brings nothing to the show Get rid of Sabine - she can be a guest a few times The main show should be Rory, Harris and...
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    The final shot

    I really hope its Jeremy saying 'back to the studio' for one final time :( Will be a fitting end to a great show.
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    Fifth Gear is ruined

    The point of a car show with presenters is to have them talk to each other. They got rid of Tim and Tom, their banter used to be quite good. And they kept Vicki who has become even more annoying. Tiff v Jason is like a loop which keeps repeating itself, its the exact same segment just with...
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    Is there anything worse than i-Drive?

    Yesterday, I had my first experience with the abomination known as i-Drive, when I had a chance to ride in my friends 545. Suffice it to say that all the horror stories I'd heard failed to live up to the true evil that it is :blink: I would swear that the system is designed to confuse, irritate...