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    [16x00] December 26th, 2010 [Middle East Special]

    As a loyal fan I'm about to switch right off. Jezza's need to offend christians will cost him viewers galore. Oh, gays are his favorite, jews he doesn't touch like ALL the media but christians are fair game. nothing "tongue in cheek" about this rubbish episode
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    Season 3 Airdate

    Kenny the guy who makes fun of disabled people by lisping extremely over the top? If he lisps only once I'll never watch TGAU again. It's like 9's funniest home videos where they blatanlt show kids hurting and adding a sound track, not funny but designed to make people comfortable with pain as...
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    [15x02] July 4th, 2010

    and communist stig.. etc
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    [15x02] July 4th, 2010

    anyone watched fifth gear lately? I'm asking because there's a few people doing nothing but over analysing top gear (scripted or natural etc etc) and yet Top Gear comes out on top simply because it rocks, Jeremy is a clow (especially him coming out of the car after being driven around the track...
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    Top Gear Australia to Channel 9

    So.. Channel 9 Perth runs top gear the Rumania epsiode.. loooooaaaaaddddddds of advertising LOADS of cutting and chopping and pasting and .. What the .. did they have to pay 5 billion to show TGuk? Waste of time watching the TV cause all you get is "buy this buy that, go to shannons...
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    [14x03] November 29th, 2009

    Jesus jokes are starting to get annoying. The cheapest jokes are done by the worst comedians and Jeremy is starting to repeat himself. Those lancias were awesome and the blimp was nicely done. Still haven't really had a proper challenge "lets each make a " thingy :-/
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    The problem with TopGear Australia

    TGuk's last lot wasn't as good, a few decent episodes but the laughs are getting harder to get. A few of my friends no longer watched it at all which surprised me but it's the same here at my house, "any fun stuff?" .. Now you can all talk about the need to just have a car show but the "MONEY"...
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    [13x07] August 2nd, 2009

    Great laughs in there and some lesser stuff too. I too missed the truck toppling over :-/ maybe next series the vantadge .. yeah bad ending, especially after the whole funreal thingy September may be when all things go down hill.. watch the US dollar, watch Iran being bullied by the same...
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    Clarkson: Jeremy Clarkson Beat Box

    noob grabbing the video feed: load it then reset your pc while it's still in the cache. you must have "show hidden files and folders" on open c:/documents & settings/"username"/Local Settings/Temp/... there's a 19.909kb file in there which you rename to beatbox.flv or whatever you wish
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    [13x04] July 12th, 2009

    Exactly. And the Porsche.. they previously all agreed it was extremely hiddeous yet now they gloss over that and sit in the ugly thing, it's a strech Porsche which is extremely vulgar yet they use it for a "race" when normaly we only see the best cars for a race
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    [13x04] July 12th, 2009

    6/10 and I've rarely given less than an 8 :-/ I'm normaly happy after top gear, today I was bored out of my brain, wife fell asleep and I ended up running it in small size while browsing the net. Hammond is WAY too forced, makes you cringe, it almost seems like "look at me I'm a big boy too"...
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    [13x01] June 21st, 2009

    lol. Strange to see (just reading the first two pages) how many people are that gullible to think that Schumi is actualy the stig in any real way. the guy wouldn't a; be contractualy allowed to drive much other than what ferrari allow him to, b: care about the money (like the stig would get that...
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    [02x05] June 8th, 2009

    And a 9 from me.. Last year I wasn't impressed and made a lot of suggestions including the "let warren do a lot more" etc, and it's all going very very well the way it is. More to the point my brother and my friends who all hated TGAU are letting me know they're actualy watching it and having a...
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    [02x04] June 1st, 2009

    ok. siarpc I skipped, show is getting there, better be a good fchallenge or story sometime soon though, a bit too .. donno, much of the same kind of chatter at times. todays was a bit hotchpotch but there was enough of it to be entertaining
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    [02x02] May 18th, 2009

    Loved the kingswood running like that. Hated the TGAU style failure and yet pushing it as a challenge, please from now either make sure both go and there's a challenge or don't make it a challenge. We had a few in the first episodes like that too, all built up as a race or challenge and then...
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    [02x01] May 11th, 2009

    I'll be honest, I missed half of it as I forgot it was on, the wife mentioned it so I gave it a go, got in at Warrens interview, that was a good thing, I think he's the most "top gear" style of the first trio, very natural, maybe a bit too over the top but the interview was neatly and naturaly...
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    Clarkson still defends TGA

    Ofcourse Jezza will defend TGAU, TG is his baby which has matured and he'd love to see more of them, only thing is there's no second Jeremy or Hammond. I really hope Steve realises that in the new show they'd better just be entertaining, less of the "I'm a racing driver so I'm the expert" and...
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    [12x08] December 28th, 2008 [Vietnam Special]

    9/10 yeah.. commy stig was missing but what about the "blinkers on lets cross the road" bit ? :) loved it, not TG? I'd say that after the tractors, trucks, caravans etc it was time to do a bikes thing and they did it well. Keep it up guys.
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    All these Warren is bad whiners are just totaly insane, Warren is over the top, 5000% more top gear than Cox or Steve ANYDAY, get him with Jezza and he'll fit perfectly, Cox and Steve never would, not in a million years. The new guy, nice trumpetter, nice smile, quite looking forward to it, but...
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    [12x05] November 30th, 2008

    7/10 this morning, gonna watch it againib a minute though, probably and 8 is more true.. Like most people I did miss Jeremy in Italy, imagine him talking to the cops there.. ouch. Buses was (again like most people) nice to see these great big things flying at speed around a track, a bit too...