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  1. budgieishere

    [15x01] June 27th, 2010

    Hey guys, long time no post. From the sound byte (and a helpful dollup of Shazam) the track at 20:21 is "Finale", by Elliot Goldenthal, on the Titus soundtrack. I can't confirm it, as I'm having trouble finding a full sample of the track (there is a sample here...
  2. budgieishere

    [13x03] July 5th, 2009

    I dunno, it fell quite flat for me. The episode looked fantastic, filmed wonderfully and I loved the light effects with the SL Black. But the substance was lacking. The small car thing seemed quite gimmicky and not very funny. The second part was a little better, but it dragged on for me...
  3. budgieishere

    [13x03] July 5th, 2009

    Seems like a good episode this week. So eager to see Ken Block in action. Bit meh about the SL Black but Michael McIntyre is good, very funny on Mock the Week.
  4. budgieishere

    [13x02] June 28th, 2009

    Enjoyed this episode immensely! Good all round sections, Fry was awesome, the challenge was very entertaining (May headbanging in his beanie!) albeit a bit odd in parts (the driveway section), steady news and the supercars were epic. High 8 for me. :D
  5. budgieishere

    Top Gear Vietnam Special - Extra Footage (w/ Communist Stig!)

    Aha, cheers speedycatz! I can see why they cut it, but it's still hilarious :]
  6. budgieishere

    Mac content: uTorrent+Automatic RSS feed reader (regular expression)

    Popped by today to find a feed reader that'll work with Xtorrent, and this thing works a treat. I didn't try your filter expression, but playing with different text in the filter suggests it'll work. If you type top.gear.austd, for instance, it'll grey out all the TGA eps. Fingers crossed...
  7. budgieishere

    Random funny screencaps (no 56k)

    "On the plus side it has kept most of it's boot space - good for hiding in." "I just can't take it. I'll leave it there, it's not as though anyone is going to steal it, are they?" Great thread, this!
  8. budgieishere

    [12x08] December 28th, 2008 [Vietnam Special]

    11:29 - 12:24 - The Hives - The Stomp Great episode to listen to this one. :D
  9. budgieishere

    does any one sell sessions on DVD?

    Not the full episodes, unfortunately. However there are a number of DVDs out featuring things exclusively like the challenges, the races or the specials. That's about as close as you're going to get me thinks. :)
  10. budgieishere

    The best ever Clarkson,Hammond and May Quotes

    That quote just sums up JC. It's so deliciously childish. :D This one is from 8x08 with the vans, when Hammond is trying to get close to the bumper. JM: "He's 31.9 millimetres away which is a vast yawning chasm!" JC: "You could park a bus in that gap Hammond!" After the door attaching...
  11. budgieishere

    [12x07] December 14th, 2008

    Yeah there is, but it won't air until the 28th. I'm not sure exactly why, but there's more info in this thread: (Spoilers within)
  12. budgieishere

    The best ever Clarkson,Hammond and May Quotes

    8x06 JC: How do I release the excrement? RH: Oh you're so on your own with that job! Can you see I'm working my way through the series again? :D
  13. budgieishere

    The best ever Clarkson,Hammond and May Quotes

    May in 8x03, while practising his sailing: "There's a boat there called 'Hey Presto' .... Oh, there's a boat right here called Puffin - hello Puffin!" -crash-
  14. budgieishere

    The best ever Clarkson,Hammond and May Quotes

    11x03, when they buy 3 Alfas for under 1000 quid. :D
  15. budgieishere

    The best ever Clarkson,Hammond and May Quotes

    May during the Alfa challenge on spotting those two smoking chicks: "Hello!" Everytime I see that I burst out laughing, he sounds like he's 12!
  16. budgieishere

    [12x06] December 7th, 2008

    Man I loved that episode. Loved it! Veritas/Caterham. The Veritas surprised me a bit by just how sluggish it was. Just as the Caterham with it's time. The first thing that struck me about the Commie cars was the grainy effect filter they used. Anyone know what they did to get that effect? The...
  17. budgieishere

    [06x09] July 24th, 2005

    Ah, thank you! I came on hunting for just that track, and then I found out it's on my to-get list anyway. :D On a side note, that track isn't updated in the first post. Just a heads up! :)
  18. budgieishere

    Outakes No Longer Available in the U.S.?

    Wow. I didn't expect this, especially after the site has been up for a while and is full of clips. Maybe it's the other clips that have prompted the BBC to chuck this thing on, rather than the outtakes. Looks like proxy hunting I shall go then!
  19. budgieishere

    You know you watch too much Top Gear when... go to sleep with TG on in the background and end up having dreams filled with crazy races, rolling caravans down hills, dodgy jumpers and an awesome soundtrack.
  20. budgieishere

    [12x07] December 14th, 2008

    The SIARPC this series has really stepped up a notch. A run of guys I know instead of the random duos from last season (bar Rob Brydon and Jay Kay). This'll be the last episode before Vietnam eh? And does this look like it has two car reviews? I'm interested in seeing what May says about the...