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  1. MidEngine4Life

    Ownership Verified: 2013 Focus ST

    Had her for nearly a year now. Some of the photos are obviously newer than others. All ive done so far is tint the windows, install performance brake pads, paint the calipers, and swap the ST badges for the special ones I got for completing the ST Octane Academy. I hope to get some dark wheels...
  2. MidEngine4Life

    Copyright Alert System

    Been a while since I've posted here thanks to the grammar nazis and general a-holes, but I figured this is something many of you guys here can relate to. I'm generally a law abiding citizen and have no issues with buying content I like. It's how I show my support to the entertainment creators...
  3. MidEngine4Life

    Not an EVO =(

    So when I moved back to California from Colorado I had a decision to make. Keep my most fun car ever and pay out the ass for California gas and a 100 mile round trip commute everyday, or trade it in for something more economical. Well the sad decision was made to trade in the STi. I wanted a KIA...
  4. MidEngine4Life

    Sears Pointless 2011

    I went to "Sears Pointless 2011" last weekend. My sister and her in-laws ran a team. They want to get me out there too, but they have too many drivers =( Anyway.........This one dude hit both my sister and her husband. Sent my sis to the hospital (Shes ok just has bad whiplash). Im getting the...
  5. MidEngine4Life

    KIA Forte Koup Question

    So I drive a 2005 Subaru STi. Love it to death....however I cant afford it. I should have never bought it in the first place. Fuel costs and maintenance are too high for my budget and when people ask what Ive done to it I just laugh. (...
  6. MidEngine4Life

    My 2005 Subaru Impreza WRX STi

    Bought it about a month ago. I just moved to Colorado from California and wanted a car with AWD. The salesman at the local subaru dealership took me for a "brisk" drive on the back roads behind the dealership and I was sold. I couldnt have anything less. Pics of my previous cars:
  7. MidEngine4Life

    Velocity Photography

    Hey everyone. New to the forum here. I just thought Id share some of my automotive work. I hope you like it. Ill add any new photos I take here as well. Im currently on assignment to help create the 2009 Mile High Fieros calendar so look for some of those soon.