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  1. OK8

    Hammond: 1001 Uses For A Richard Hammond

    Violin player you mean :lol:
  2. OK8

    James May's Man Lab

    Big thanks! :)
  3. OK8

    James May's Man Lab

    I just watched this ep and have to agree, but seeing it prodded a request. Could someone tell me what's the song playing from 40:13 onwards when James says "But back at the edge of heaven, away from our earthly concerns, racing seems irrelevant." Here's a soundclip. Cheers.
  4. OK8

    24h Green Hell 2011 - 23-26th June 2011

    The starter list says he's estonian though the real Mika Salo is finnish. Coincidence?
  5. OK8

    [02x06] June 15th, 2003

    I'm looking for the song from 13:40 ->
  6. OK8

    James (almost) going to the moon for new programme

    My thoughts exactly. I really like James' style and I'm also very interested in rocketry and space exploration. I think this is going to be great.
  7. OK8


    Hi! I'm OK8 I live in Finland and I've watched the new format of Top Gear so many times over it's not even funny. I've also enjoyed other shows by the presenters (my all time favorite is James May's 20th Century). I enjoy watching motorsport and generally anything car related. I'm pretty sure...
  8. OK8

    Song in Clarkson's Car Years

    Hi there! I'm so terribly sorry that I can't help you with the name of the song you're looking for, but interestingly I have a rather similar problem. I was watching Car Years a couple days back and I heard this great song whose name I can't find which plays in the episode "How Japan Took Over...
  9. OK8

    [05x03] November 7th, 2004

    No! It's Craig Armstrong - Rebecca.