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    [18x07] March 11th, 2012

    The rallycross segment turned out much better than expected. A season or two ago this would have been horribly acted and scripted, but now it all felt genuine, and so much better for it. And Kimi and Slash, two of the best guests they've had, in one episode. Great season overall. TG is back on...
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    [18x05] February 26th, 2012

    True, they left out some interesting facts. For instance, I kind of expected them to put this one to the test: "The 5-speed Saab 9000 Aero will streak from 50 to 75 mph faster than a Ferrari Testarossa or a Porsche Carrera 4."
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    [18x05] February 26th, 2012

    "If it saves 100 litres of fuel a year, who cares if it looks like a frog?" Should have been included in the Saab segment. Nice tribute though.
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    [17x07] December 28th, 2011 [India Special]

    That's where you're wrong. I like factual programmes, but I also like to be entertained. Probably just like most people on this site. This is the excuse that the people of TG have had when an episode gets bad reviews here. Oh the people on Final Gear won't like it cause it's not about cars...
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    Mclaren Mp 4/12C review, what did you think?

    Good point, could very well be true. If so, you gotta wonder though... Why didn't Mclaren bother to tell all the reviewers how to turn off the traction control?! That would be incredibly stupid. But it could be the case, since Jeremy clearly mentioned he asked himself how to do it. Anyway, the...
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    [17x04] July 17th, 2011

    That train idea isn't so bad. Good enough to make a short film about it, but not good enough to make it the main feature of an episode. As soon as they get to the point where it should end, they decide to continue and add a bit of fire and a crash. Comedy at its worst, in an episode where Rowan...
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    [17x03] July 10th, 2011

    You have a 7 series with pop up headlamps? :o
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    [17x03] July 10th, 2011

    What a nice world it would be if we only voiced our opinions when we like something, and keep our mouths shut when we don't. Wait no, it would be terrible. But I'm not allowed to say that... hm.. hell... whatever.
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    [17x03] July 10th, 2011

    So last week was cocking about and funny challenges, and this week was all about cars. Well guess what? I laughed a lot more with this one than I did last week. I wish they realized that they can't do straight up comedy, but that they are in fact very good at providing comedy as a by-product...
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    [17x02] July 3rd, 2011

    Back when volvos were volvos.
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    [17x02] July 3rd, 2011

    It also depends on what you script. When Jeremy says something in a review like "there's room for two children in the back, and in the boot... there's room for two more", obviously this is pre-written. There's nothing wrong with that though, because there's no acting involved in delivering that...
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    [17x02] July 3rd, 2011

    zZz... - Please don't review another new Aston as long as it doesn't look like a new Aston. I felt like I was watching a TG ep from 2005. - Overall much more of a scripted feel again than last week's ep. Even the studio bits weren't spontaneous at all. And yet another challenge with yet...
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    [17x01] June 26th, 2011

    Yes! This had everything a perfect TG ep should have, with each of the three hosts doing what they do best. Richard brought some silliness to the show, but it was never overdone and the scripting never tried to make us believe it wasn't scripted. Clarkson did one of his best track reviews in...
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    [19x03] April 15th, 2011

    This is getting better now that they're not either copying or bashing Top Gear. The last time I wanted a Ferrari, I was about 8 years old, and drawing a Testarossa at school. This FF though... It's a perfect concept, and there's nothing else like it. Great car.
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    [16x05] February 20th, 2011

    This episode matched the pace of the Dominator.
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    [15x03] July 11th, 2010

    Exactly. Sometimes I think about the moment James was introduced on the show, with that great review about his Bentley. He wasn't captain slow then, or captain gets-lost-all-the-time. He was just James May, a funny guy with some interesting things to say. This whole caricature thing needs to...
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    [14x07] January 3rd, 2010

    This was great! Didn't care about the awards part much, but everything else was very good. Clarkson's X6 review was good classic TG, both of the other reviews very good too, and even the SIARPC was very interesting this week. It seems that when you just about don't expect it anymore, they come...
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    [14x05] December 20th, 2009

    That's indeed one of the major problems, as Andy seems to realise too. If they could stop acting and just be themselves again, this show could be back on track.
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    [14x05] December 20th, 2009

    Well I saw it, and apart from the Noble review and Jenson Button, you didn't miss much.
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    [14x03] November 29th, 2009

    When the show started, I was thinking "wow, awesome, james may is doing a skoda review". I should have known better. :lol: