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  1. Faultier

    Need help finding the "supercars"print- issues

    I have one issue here from Top Gear supercars 2008. On the cover is a Mazda Furai. I really enjoy this because its a best of the articles from Top Gear of 2008. I?m pretty sure it was an addition to a regular Top Gear issue but can?t remeber which it was :cry: I?m also looking for: Top Gear...
  2. Faultier

    Forza Motorsport 3

    Live from the E3 conference A great trailer showing: - Cockpitview - perfect Sound - 400 cars - damage even roll over uuuuuuuuuuuuuuund RELEASE: THIS OKTOBER I?m so excited now. :drool::w00t:
  3. Faultier

    looking for a specific episode

    Hi there, I pretty much have all episodes since [01x01] from 2002. I know there was a epsode where there was a guest-star in ther Suzuki and I think he was also a comdian. I was really laughing my ass off because of his statements. jeremy asked him why he had this and that car and he always...
  4. Faultier

    Project Gotham Racing 3 (XBOX 360)

    Hey guys, I can?t believe you still don?t have a topioc about this great upcoming game for 360. The US guys already should have it in the mail and can buy the console next week on the 24th. Europeans have to wait until 2nd of december but that is cool because I have work-holidays from 1st to...
  5. Faultier

    Midnight Club 3 DUB

    Hi there, this is the game for peole who like cars with the bling factor. It will be released here about 4/20 and I just can?t wait. People in the UK already have it.... Check: for a review and let yourself convinced to buy this fabolous game. May we see us again online via...
  6. Faultier

    Lets talk about the Mischiefvideos

    Hi there, just watched Mischief Invasion and I really laugh my ass off :lol: These guys are so crazy but really know how to drive. I like their videos very much. So far I got: Mischief (the one with the yellow Silvia on it) Mischief 3000 Mischief Invasion (I guess its 2004) Mischief Destroy...
  7. Faultier

    How get these Videos to work on a home-DVDplayer?

    Hi there, I?m not quite sure if this is the right place to ask but its also sort of a problem. I donloaded the files and they are mostly avi or mpg files. How I get them to work on my DVD-player? I like to burn some Top Gear episodes on a DVD so I can watch them on my TV 8) Which format should...
  8. Faultier

    Diecast Models

    Hi there, I think this hobby is also entertaiment. We all love cars but most of us don?t have the money or space to buy all of them. Thats why I not only watch movies, play games, read books about cars, I also collect little cars. These are collector models by Minichamps and AutoArt in scale...