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  1. Anesthesia

    Ownership Verified: Anesthesia's daily driver. I skipped the 90's

    So after looking at at least half a dozen different makes and models I ended up with my 4th honda. I now have no excuses. Hondamies it is. It's a 2005 accord sport business. Full service history and the K-series K20 engine. Same engine as the civic Type R, but with a milder tune(cams and...
  2. Anesthesia

    Ownership Verified: Anesthesia's 2-wheeler...take two(?)

    So here is my new ride. As some might know I had a '96 yamaha XV 535 for a year and seeing as I knew I would not have it for long I didn't do a thread on it. This one though is different so I might as well. It is a '93 Kawasaki VN1500. Visually it has some flaws and it's not exactly clean...
  3. Anesthesia

    Ownership Verified: Anesthesia's 4G Civic

    So here's my summer car. Proof of ownership coming tomorrow. 1988 Honda civic 1.6i-16. A fairly rare dohc model(157 sold in Finland) that I bought 2006 all riced out. A few years later and we're just about stock. All the rice mods are gone. These included painted vents, skirts, tinted lights...